Tshirts Being Printed

Firstly i have no idea where this should go so feel free to move it to where it should go

right im looking to get some tshirt printed up and also have some embroided as well does anyone know of a company (with a website) thats any good


Troop logos >>here<<
i did the same but the ones i clicked on where less straight forward as i would of liked
bananamoon have always been decent in my experience.

WalterWarry said:
What do you have in mind anyway - chavvy stag do in Prague ?
fcuk off, its for a scout troop there going on an international camp and wanted some made up
My Mrs works as an embroiderer for a decent firm, I get all my stuff done there.
I know her firm needs the work, they've gone down to a 4 day week!

Pm me if you're interested.

Edited to add the web site.


This link is to a small company run by an ex matelot, he has done a lot of work for us before, he produced stuff for Falklands 25, he currently produces stuff for SAMA82 and ROMFT.


The guys name is Brian Bilverstone.

I recommend him wholeheartedly

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