=TSG= Tri-Service Gaming Clan

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by TartanTerror, Jun 8, 2007.

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  1. =TSG= Tri-Service Gaming Clan is a Clan run by military types for military types.....

    We take nothing serious and nothing personally. We spawned from ARRSE and we especially welcome ARRSE members.

    We have our own Battlefield 2 Server

    This is maintained by members of the clan, who are more than willing to help out anyone who is interested in joining but who are new to online gaming.

    Although most Clans operate a Trial period which includes things like you proving your gaming skills before you allowed to join.

    We do not, we only ask that you are a serving or ex serving member of the armed forces or at least have strong connections to the military. The main aim of the game is to relax after a hard days graft and have some fun in the evening with friends.

    Like alot of other members on ARRSE we attempt where we can to have Clan outings, which basically involves everyone getting either smashed or drinking sensibly if preferred.

    All in all Tri-Service Gaming Clan is a place to chill play and carry on verbal fragging in our own forums where the debates are just as lively.

    If anyone has any questions on anything to do with =TSG= please dont hesitate to email me or better still visit our forum.
  2. Bump!!!
  3. Is it better than Call of Duty?

    I think EA Games produced that too.
  4. Not 2142 then?
  5. We did have profiles on the server but no-one played 2142. To be honest I can't get into it. Same as most of the clan, we played it for aboput a month then went back to mainly playing BF2

    Though Titan mode is a laugh :D
  6. I do have BF2 but dont really play it. Is it more or less the same?
    I am in a clan for 2142, would I be able to join yours for BF2?
  7. Of course you can, you can even join it for 2142 if you like, I know a couple of the guys still play it as well. You can then use our dedicated Ventrilo voice server..... It is though BF2 is more enjoyable playing with the Clan as it were...
  8. Um, so is BF2 better than Call of Duty then? If so I'll shell out.
  9. Point of opinion swamp rat - I think so, the teamplay is far superior.

    Suggestion - join the forum, see what you think - like it buy it...
  10. Just watch out for the walting telly tubby.
    A 20+ stone benefit fraudster who trades in rank slides on ebay and makes up stories about dogging :D
    But it’s ok, daddy was a rock ape 20yrs ago :roll:

    Other than him, TSG are a good bunch, give ‘em a try.
  11. Thanks then. Thing is, I just scored CoD2 and waiting for that to come through. My son had the original but when we relocated I lost access to it.

    Is there a clan for that on TSG? In fact I'll go have a butchers...
  12. Nice work Tartan on the Web site. Please use this link to get to the =TSG= website.

    =TSG= Web Site
  13. Great idea guys, anybody got anthing similar on World of warcraft ?
  14. Evil game! I've seen so many people who have been sucked into this game 100%, one manc in particular completely lost touch with reality.