TSC(B) Dates 2012-2013

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Buax, Apr 15, 2012.

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  1. Hi all

    Could anyone please send me a copy of the bravo course dates at ATR Pirbright 2012-2013 (April 2012 onwards)? Had a look on armynet and can only find spreadsheets detailing 2011-2012 and earlier. Couldn't find anything using the search function either.

  2. These are the dates i got from my unit last night. Not sure what the x's mean, they were on the copy when i got them.

    EDIT: *Image Removed* Will send by private message if needed
  3. Why not ask your PSI?

    Posting course locations, start dates and capacities on the internet is a bit ******* stupid! Are you part mong or full mong?
  4. Quite right.

    The fact that ATR P*rbr*ght trains recruits is a closely guarded secret.

    Full time mong, I'd say.
  5. Thanks, new to this so will keep this in mind on future posts. Didnt realise ATR P*rbr*ght was a secret as it was on the public army.mod.uk site, but agree I hadn't engaged my brain when my originally posted.

    Full time mong taken on board
  6. My comment was not aimed at you, mate.

    Its bloody obvious that an Army Training Regiment will err, train Army Recruits. The place itself is hardly hidden away and has been there for decades.

    You might think I was indicating another poster was a full-time mong.

    You'd think right.

    Your unit PSI would be a good place to start; he'd have all the dates. If you're still doing TCS (A), you can always check next time you're at your RTC as they may know.

    Keep working on the fitness...
  7. But posting how many and what day they're turning up isn't exactly intelligent is it?
  8. Agreed, as I say, wasn't really thinking this morning, soon as I realised the potential ramifications of it I took it down, will make sure I don't repeat that mistake
  9. Why not? How in any way, shape or form is posting the start dates of a course at a well known recruit training centre going to aid any potential attack?
  10. The same why ordering a pizza delivery to the camp gate didnt help an attack did it?
  11. Right, so everyone posting on the Armyjobs facebook page asking about their intake dates are causing a threat to ATC Pirbright are they?

    Army Jobs | Facebook

    Get a grip
  12. Well thats stupid too, why give away more information then necessary??