TSC(A) Weekend 5 - Live Firing 1

Hi all,

I'm on weekend 5 of my TSC(A) this week, my muckers and I are wondering if we're doing live firing on this weekend or not. I've read the ARRSEpedia article and I know it does say Live Firing 1 on the course program for that section, but, when I was in my TAC on Tuesday night there were a few raised eyebrows when I mentioned it and I was asked whether I meant blank firing.

They asked, because to their memory they only did live firing on their Bravo course.

The ARRSEpedia article seems current and, bar rotating a few items to different weekends (mostly drill), it's been accurate all the way through.

Can anyone help please? I've searched for similar threads but not come up with anything? Apologies if this has been posted before.

Also, big thanks to the community on here, when I started the course there was always a bit of flapping on my part each Friday evening before I'd shoot off to Altcar, but coming on here, reading some of the articles and trying not to piss myself from laughter at work really put me at ease. That helped me get over the initial shock of it all and now I enjoy them, truly one of the best decisions I made!

Thanks again
Weekend 5 is DCCT which is simulated laser shots on an indoor range, live fire will occur either at Weekend 7 if Infantry or TSC(B) if Regiments and Corps
Don't get in such a flap over it. Just turn up and get on with it. But providing it hasn't changed in the past three years, it'll be on the DCCT Range (electronic).
That's excellent, thank you both for your help!

Quite right E-V, I do try not to flap but it's excitement more than anything else! :)

Thanks again,

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