TSC(A) Fitness

I have a quick couple of questions regarding TSC(A).

- Do they assess press ups and sit ups? When in the course do they do this it is the 6 wknd one?
- How phys-heavy is it? Will I be able to do my own training in the mornings/evenings if I do the 2 week one?

I ask as I've recently upped the intensity of my training, with a heavy focus on endurance (probably at the sacrifice for my pressups/situps, which have always been crap). I'd like to keep this up, but also wonder whether I need to train my situps and pressups to avoid embarrassing myself (is there a pass/fail?).

For an idea of my fitness, I ran 09:03 at ADSC, and last time I tested press ups/sit ups (couple of months ago) I was at about 45 for both. I suspect I'll be running quicker for TSC(A) but unless I train them my pressups and situps may have dropped.


Your fitness is fine for TSC (A) as the fitness level required is very low. You won't lose don't thing much in 2 weeks so just get on with it, and if you get a chance to do any extra treat it as a bonus.

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