TSC (A) boots question

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Sleeping Dog, Dec 15, 2011.

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  1. Hi, just about to start TSA (A), totally new to the military but friends keep saying get your own boots. Question does anyone know if you can wear your own non-issued boots to start TSC (A)? Was thinking of buying AltBergs but will I be allowed to wear them? Cheers
  2. No!

    Issue kit only unless you have a med chit to say you have to wear special shoes
  3. No, issue only.
  4. Thought that is what you might all say, thanks very much, better just carry on trying to break the issue boots then. Cheers
  5. Can I bring my own rifle to training??
  6. Don't be fuckin stupid numbnuts..

    Edit: adding something useful

    OP just wear yer issued boots in mate, they're not that bad once you've broke them in, get yourself some decent insoles which will help for comfort.

    Little tip is to wear them in the bath for a while and around the house moving around as much as poss..get a piece of wood and beat the crap out of the heel section without marking them too much as it softens the area up to help prevent rubbing
  7. Pissing in them helps aswelll, softens up the leather..
  8. I soaked mine in petrol and set fire to them.
  9. Get them wet and wear them as much as possible before you go. Take compeed. Do get some decent insoles for the issue boots as the ones supplied are terrible. Having torn my feet to bits throughout TSC(A) I wore my own boots for CIC and nobody was bothered.
  10. Cheers, just off for a bath in my new shiny boots..what a vision!! Thanks for the useful comments guys but I might just skip the pissing in them Faustic, each to their own I guess...
  11. You'll be wanting a pair of these, trust me on this: Sorbothane
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  12. Hmm FMB'S.
  13. Worth adding as well as decent insoles, you might like to get a pair of decent walking socks IE bridgedale or similar. The issued socks aren't very nice and will probably give you sweaty feet which in turn will lead to greater likelihood of blisters etc. M&S do some nice breathable cotton socks for a reasonable price, they're a good inner, and then some 'outdoor-brand' socks will be a lot nicer on your feet than what they issue you.
  14. Whilst I'd go for something wool based rather than cotton I'd generally agree with this. Get some good quality THICK walking socks with loop pile inners.

    I used to go for the inner and outer sock approach but I think with good quality modern designs it's not really necessary. Personal preference really. If you do, make sure both pairs are the same length oterwise the ankle length inners will disappear under your heel while the outers stay up.
  15. Sources suggest that new pattern, non-black boots will soon be issued to go with the new camo pattern. As such, no point wasting your pennies on expensive black boots now. Who knows, the new boots might also be up to the job. Recent op issue boots have certainly been a big improvement. I think the days of there being a necessity for any but specialist troops to buy non-standard boots are probably in the past (thank goodness).