Trying To Track Down The Book "Fire Power"

I read this book a long time ago and I want to track it down and read it again - for those who may know what Im talking about, to refresh your memory, its the one about the mercenaries in Angola(?) in the 70's. Colonel Callan (ex Para Regt who robbed a post office in NI before getting kicked out). Ive already tried the Amazon & Play and even eBay websites.

If anyones got a copy they want to sell, or they know where I can pick a copy up, Id appreciate if you could point me in the right direction. Cheers.
sidelineobserver said:
I believe this is the book you're after, there are a few available here:

Abe books search for Fire Power

damn it Tartan_Terrier you beat me to the glory!
Thanks anyway SO, on another note, are the books on that abebooks website always that expensive? As far as I can remember its only a paperback of average size. Just cost me £26! Still, definately worth it. some of the hard back ones on there are up for $150! Its not that good :wtf: Must be out of print I suppose?
No they're usually cheaper than Amazon for new/newer books. Yours is out of print and obviously sought after, so they can charge what they like.
Fair play then I suppose.
flipflop said:
GB, I've got a tatty paperback version. PM me with your address and you can have it for a small donation to HfH.
Thanks for the offer flipflop, but I just ordered a copy from the website. Im sure Tartan Terrier would take you up on your offer though.

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