Trying to track down my dads Gongs!

My father served with the Kings dragoons in the second world war and served in North Africa but refused his medals due to his disgust at the number of friends he lost I've seen his face when watching the rememberance on TV and know he regrets it. He also joined very early in life i.e. he was under age and using a false birth certificate. He is unable to give me his regimental number as he has now had a severe stroke. Can anyone give me an idear on how to track his entitlement of medals and claim them for him.
write to ccrio, rmp, roussilion barracks, chichester PO194BN

They may have database/list of everyone who ever served and can search by name.

Good luck

I have just recieved my dads medals! All i done was send his birth certificate, Unit name and theatre he served in during the war? To APC Glasgow They sent back copoes of his record of service. Call them and they will give you the ext you need.

You then need to send it to the Medals office which was in Droitwich Spa Worcester but is moving to ( i do not remember)? They will do the rest be warned they have stated that new applications will not be dealt with until the new year.

I believe the addresses can be found on the web?

Best of luck mate!

The look on my mums face when i gave her my late dads medals was worth the time and hassle.

MOD Army Medal Office
Government Buildings
Droitwitch Spa

01905 772323

0845 600 9663:

Option 1: Release of info data protection act.

Option 2: Medical.

Option 3: Soldiers who left the army prior to 1996? This for you i believe?

Option 4: All other queries.
Thanks for the info

Want to do the same for my Grandad, I've read you need to be NOK is that correct?

Just rang them up and so far not being numero uno NOK doesn't appear to be a problem
Wardodger, Thanks for the info, just rang them and had the forms sent out to my house. :lol: Hopefully I will get hold of them for him and make his day!!!

Best Regards
You do not need to be the 1st NOK, But if you are not they charge for the medals? I done it on behalf of my mother so no charge. Good luck.
You do not need to be the 1st NOK, But if you are not they charge for the medals? I done it on behalf of my mother so no charge. Good luck.
Cheers, thought I would have to pay anyway as it would be a reissue (my Grandmother gave them to charity).

Found out which medals my Great Grandad (WW1) earned on this site http://www.documentsonline.national...browserefine&pagenumber=1&query=*&queryType=1 (you get charged to view the docs)

Found where he was buried on this site

Thanks for that link.I had no idea that my Grandfathers Military career had started in the Coldstream Guards 8O

I have no idea why he joined them, as his father had been a Warwick.

Now I'm trying to find out more information on that, as well as the citation for his battlefield commission on the Somme. I'll cough for his medal card later. :D
Don't think the national archives holds any WW2 info, thinks it still owned by the army. It does hold the service records but a fair amount of it was destroyed in WW2
Service records would have been great but no luck. At least then I would have had a regt number to go forward with.

Cheers anyway. :)

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