Trying to track down a few old mates...

...from Squad 49, Int & Sy Gp (V) circa 1991-2.

At least two of my old squad went on to join the regular Int Corps ("The Legionaire" and "Chimera" who know full well who they are) and three or four of the rest of the squad went on to have some sort of meaningful TA Int Corps career (oxymoronically). As for our posh TA ex-Anglians officer transferee, well he must still be knocking about somewhere with his barbour jacket and clapped out merc estate. One of us went Westminster Dragoons but we sadly lost touch in the mid-90's, probably when he got too excited about his Fuchs APC course.

So, excuse my "STABs Re-United" effort, but if anybody can put me in touch (or has heard of) with any of these elite, Skeletor-trained uber-warriors I have news of one of our own (the ex-HAC fop) who is undergoing a life-changing experience in the autumn (no, not the gender re-alignment surgery, that's in the new year). I would like to arrange small reunion/ cocktail party.

If anyone can help me out tracking down these men then PM me. And remember, "some things...they never change").


p.s. Am very aware of PERSEC issues and I will happily provide my bona fides.

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