Trying to trace ww2 vets family history

Basically fellas, I remember my dad talking about his uncle who was in the army around WW2 and actually found some old pictures of my "uncle Jack" that indicated him in germany in 1945, among some other artifacts that indicate he joined the merchant navy, I found a skill at arms book which included his army number and to my civvy eyes showed him to be a half decent shot. But basically thats where my knowledge ends and Id love to research more on my great uncles history as he seems to have had an interesting life, question is can I get access to say for example a service history for my great uncle and ifso where would I begin?
Have you tried the national archives?
There are several ways to start, the easiest way is to ask around the family, anyone alive who knew him then could know his regiment and other info. If you then have a hunt on the internet for that regiment and try them, they might have a museum/historical society.

Otherwise the slow way is to write to the records centre:

if you are next of kin it's free, if not then you might need to get thier permission and pay something.

I'm working on my family's WW2 service now, if you want some pointers feel free to PM me.

Sadly I get the impression that he never talked about it much when he was alive, now he died before I was born and the only person who knew anything about his history seemed to be my dad (also deceased) But im not sure he knew a great deal of his history. But thanks guys, will take what you have said and start there.... I guess I am the next of kin as im the only biological family member still alive.

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