trying to trace ww1 great grandad history

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by muckychimney, Mar 8, 2008.

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  1. Hi all newby here, im trying to find info on just what my great grandad did in ww1 to recieve the MM, I have looked exhaustively on the Ancestory site and on the archives but cant find anything, I know he was awarded the MM as I have it in my posession and it is also listed on his war memorial with the CWGC, can anyone point me in the right direction ?
  2. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    First thing is to get to following:

    Date MM Awarded.

    I assume you have name and number (usually on medal somewhere) if you know when the medal was awarded then you have a better chance.

    Almost all medal issues (especially the big ones) are mentioned in the paper. The london Gazette is the one you want to look in, try the following.

    they might have a citation relating to him. The other option is to find his records. The problem with WWI records it that a lot got destroyed in WWII, so they might not exist. The Ancestry website is getting them digitised slowly, but the other option is to go look in the national archives if you are near london.

    If you want a hand feel free to ask, I am doing my family service history atm.

  3. Try the local newspapers covering the area where he lived during the period. You will find copies of the papers in the local County Record's Office or in the National Newspaper Archives at Hendon.

    You will not get this info on line.

    Check around the rim of the medal for his army number - bear in mind this would have changed depending upon his service history. The Army Medal Rolls should reveal some info.

    Keep digging and good luck.

  4. not a sausage, his service number was 35291 regt. was Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, killed 31/8/1918
  5. And his name ?
  6. Frederick Thomas Luther Stephenson
  7. You have to resort to the County Record's Office and research the local press from day he died.

    Believe me, a death around that time would have been considered as a very serious issue and will be recorded.

    Family members lose important facts, go back to the era and you will find out so much more.
  8. He dided in flanders, buried in france not over here.
  9. Hello MC
    This from CWGC website :-

    STEPHENSON, F T L Private 35291 31/08/1918 Unknown King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry United Kingdom III. H. 5. BRIE BRITISH CEMETERY

    I am searching on-line now for his MIC
  10. Hi there thanks for that but been there done that so to speak, thats all the info we can find on him, any other ideas ?
  11. :worship: JoseyWales & bjw824 :worship:

    Could is eck as like find owt there earlier, really a thousand thanks to you both. :salut: