Trying to trace someone - anyone help?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by MissSam, Mar 11, 2009.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm not in the army but my partner was - he and two friends joined the RAMC in 1988ish. I'm trying to trace one of the friends for him. My partner is Carlton Inkersole (Inky) - it's not a common name so if you recongise it you might know the guy I'm trying to trace. These are his details:

    Craig Rodgers (poss married to Babette with about 4 kids)
    Last known to be with 16 Armoured Field Ambulance
    Would be approaching 40
    Joined up with Inky and Chris Ventnor (who died on 10th March appprox 20yrs ago in Iraq) in about 1988 - Hale Troop?
    Had a nickname "The Shrubber"

    Does anyone know this guy or know what might have happened to him? If anyone can help at all I'd be really greatful. There was a rumour he might have died but no-one seems to know for sure - either way it would be good to find out. He and my partner were really close at one time and I know he'd love to get back in touch, if that's possible.

    Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer. Apologies if I posted in the wrong place - I've never used this forum before and it seemed the obvious place to try and trace a medic! :)
  2. Bonjour all!

    Im looking for a ginger kid (21 or 22) called Kyle, with a manc accent but spent time in east london as a kid! I heard he joined the army but dont have a clue what regiment. As far as I know he is still in and it would be great to hear from him again. If you know someone matching that description tell him to get his arse on ere and hook me up!


  3. Ginger - possibly born in either London or Manchester and being chased by what appears to be a FROG!!!

    Any wonder you can't find him.....................??

    And you called the poor blerk Kyle!!!!!!

    SH1T - it sounds like joining the Army was the only option
  4. He owes me money! haha
  5. Hahaha! Im not a frog i just like to pretend im cultured! If you got nothing to say, dont say it ere!
  6. Hhmm ...

    I think I know the person you are trying to trace...

    Left in 2000/01ish in Hohne about the time 1AFA turned to A Sqn 1CS

    Good luck finding him!!
  7. Think he got posted to 1 Armd Fd Amb Hohne about 10 years ago. hope it helps