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I am trying to trace the service record for my wifes grandfather who served in the Fleet Air Arm during WW2.

All I know is that he said he flew fighters out of a base in the lake district circa 1943 onwards and then went on to run a air cadets type thing after the war. Sadly he is no longer with us to chat to in order to obtain further information.

we do have a load of old stuff to go through and I am hoping that something will contain his service number or similar but any pointers as to where to start looking would be greatly appreciated.

I hope that in amongst all the "robust, jolly and friendly banter" type responses someone out there will be able to assist.

I am assuming it was one of these bases but haven't yet done much digging into what flew from those

RAF Carlisle (Kingstown)
RAF Crosby on Eden
RAF Kirkbride
RAF Millom
RAF Siloth
Have you Googled National Archives and had a look around in there?

Or WW2 service records, records are on line somewhere because I was looking a while back but can't remember the site I found.

i have had a look through the searchable archives but can't find anything. I have found the forms to submit a request to the MOD for the service record so hopefully his service number will be somewhere in the documents and 786 million other boxes of stuff we have.

The irony of his career is he joined the navy as he wanted to serve on ships.. and got FAA and flew. his brother joined RAF as he wanted to fly and ended up on a ship.
I have actually visited three of the RAF Stations mentioned above.

RAF Carlisle (Kingstown) was actually 14 Maintenance Unit (14 MU) up until the 1980s although I am not sure what its function is now.

My late father was for a short period an Air Ministry Policeman at RAF Kirkbride after he left the Army and the family lived in one of two former Married Quarters on the edge of the airfield which as I remember at the beginning of the sixties was about a mile from Kirkbride village and consisted then of two or three large storage hangars, although the runway was still there.

RAF Silloth was near the beach a few miles away from Kirkbride and similar in layout. Neither Kirkbride or Silloth are in use by MOD any more.
I have a bit of knowledge about some of the airfields.

RAF Silloth. According to family. This was intended for Coastal Command and at one point Sunderlands were used there. Two main problems they had were strong currents and shifting sands. For its main purpose, the station was binned but kept for training purposes. Now used as a race track, occasional concert site and one hangar now used to produce car seats for most European makes of car (last itme I was there).

RAF Kingstown aka 14 MU. Very busy early 1982. Lots of contaminated ground which delayed reuse after being sold off. Closed and is now on the way to becoming a big industrial park.

RAF Kirkbdride. We owed most of the admin area for 30+ years. and sold it off about 10 yrs ago. As far as we understood it, the airfield was used for aircrew training for bomber command. It stil has 2 pop up anti-aircraft positions. We managed to get one to rise about 20 years ago after a lot of work.

RAF Crosby on Eden. Now owned by Eddie Stobbart.

That's all I know from my family. Hope it helps. I'm aware of about 8 RAF sites in north Cumbria.

This wiki might help List of former Royal Air Force stations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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