Trying to tempt old Cypry this weekend

Going to spend the whole B/Holiday trying to get the wily ol' buggers to snaffle a Boillie or such, Mem Sahib ensconced in the Caravan which is close enough to remote the Alarms but you've got to keep 'em busy delivering Bacon Butties and such, anyway she needs the exercise, the fat cnut!

No maggot drowners allowed on here.

Don't you just love the sound of a Delkim in the morning.

If you come across a Tackle Tart tell them to turn their fcuking alarm volumes down, the bastards, as my Springer reacts to the sound.

Tight lines and Screaming Reels, lovely boys............Update Tues.
Lucky sod....not too many carp this far north in Scotland, but...hopefully, I will be out after several McCarp on Sundar at a little water I know up here ;)

And yes, Delkims all the way!
Had a go on Castle Loch, Lochmaben, a couple of times but only got slimy Dustbin Lids, decent size, mind.
I have fished a few times at Castle Loch..but only for Dustbins. Been a few 30's from there, but shhhhhhhh, no one knows!

Castle is still a 5 hour drive for me south! :(

I was thinking of Knutsford Lagoon for a session sometime...been on my hit list since moving to Scotland from Essex...I miss big carp :(
Do you mean Knotford, between Leeds and Otley?
If you're going to come down, there are far better venues than that in the area.
check this out:-
I'm only 10mls from Knotford and only tried it twice!

Our van is on a complex in Newark - 4 lakes(30+) Carp lake(40ish)and 19pegs on the Trent with BIG barbel and Carp.
I normally fish a tiny pond(you can hand throw a boillie across it) right next to the A1, this place is manic, no Bait bans, owner brill and biggest so far is 28, not big, but you're on the go all day and best of all, everybody can see the place but they can't figure out how to get to it!!!

Check out this for the Van site:-, Mem Sahib home at 1700 then offski!!!!
Ah, thegimp, be a good gentleman, sir, or I shall come and remove thy Knackers and use them as Floaters.
Anyway, what are you doing sneaking/skulking around this part of the Site, are you a closet Piker or a closet Pikey??????


Fishing, I sort of grew out of that on Onion Mountain with an L2. I used to fish rock and boat all year round gfrowing up in cornwall, I must have got it out of my system!
Love your Avatar, do you own a Springer and if so is he/she as totally loopy as mine?
Bolingey(Perranporth) is shit hot for Carp, not forgetting Crafthole!


Love your Avatar, do you own a Springer and if so is he/she as totally loopy as mine?
Bolingey(Perranporth) is shit hot for Carp, not forgetting Crafthole!
Down to 12 spaniels now and for the first time in 10 years cockers outnumber springers. All workers, 6 Cockers, 1 sprocker and 5 Springers.
I'm a free thinking, travel light fly fisherman (Salt, coarse and game)......and ultra light spinning gimp.

Last dabble was 3-4 kilo Barramundi session on fly and spinning. Fun but a bit like shooting the proverbial as they are greedy competitive *******.
Once took one of our Polish Drivers with me, he duly landed a lovely marked 20 and was really pissed off when I made him return her after doing the photo etc.
Only take good old 'OSCAR' now, lesson learnt!

Any Carp in the Land of Eternal Optimism ?


Poles and Hermans like the carp, I'm sure HFW could make it tasty but I dont have his willpower!

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