Trying to sign back on but I have signed for the FRI!?

Discussion in 'REME' started by stu_reme85, Jan 7, 2010.

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  1. I am looking for some advice please

    I signed off in April last year, but in August I realised I made a mistake and requested to sign back on, they came back in October and told me no.

    However I signed for the VM FRI August 2008 for 3 years return of service, I was reading the paperwork for the FRI before i went on xmas leave and it states;

    "discharge will not be accepted unless the soldier has paid back the money"

    "otherwise the soldier will have to serve the remaining time"

    this isn't the excact wording because I havn't got the paperwork on me but it was words to that effect

    I am desperate to sign back on and this is my last card to play

    No one has mentioned to me anything about the FRI since I signed off, If i take this up my chain of command and i say my discharge should not have been acepted I cannot pay the money back can i serve the remaining time?

    this could go bad though and they could say no you can't stay in, you can pay the remaing money back and leave

    Oh I'm a class 2 lance corpral VM (B) if that makes any difference

    If anyone can help me on this matter it would be much appreciated. thanks

  2. Your big problam is that at the moment the army is over manned and we are skint and so manning levers are in force. The brief is now that anyone signing off will not be permitted to sign back on, and could even be out of the army within 4 months depending on circumstances. You may struggle to get back on a contract
  3. Request an OC's interview or REME CMO.
    If you're not thought of as a ball bag then they should be able to support your case.
    A bit cheeky though.
  4. Have you tried Kwik Fit?

    You could be buggered, go for the RCMO interview. There could be one of four outcomes.

    1. Solider on as VM (B).
    2. Soldier on in another trade within the REME.
    3. Soldier on in another trade and Corps.
    4. Fcuk Off.

    If you are keen to stay in, you may end up accepting options 2 or 3. How are the VM (B) manning levels? Any other trades you might want to do? HIt maybe worth having a few on standby.

    Spread te word, don't sign off unless you absolutly POSITIVE you want out.
  5. According to 2009DIN01-003, albeit now 12 months old, Vehicle Mechanic is a pinch-point trade - i.e. it was undermanned and non pinch-point trades were encouraged to transfer into the post.

    Now a lot has changed in the last 12 months, but no DIN has replaced the one above so in essence, VM is still a pinch-point trade.

    You may be lucky.
  6. I know of an ARMR and 2 VMs who were recently allowed to sign back on - have you upset someone?
  7. I believe option four is a bit harsh; however, we live in difficult times!
  8. Sorry mate, in the current political environment within the Corps...You've screwed yourself over!!!
  9. TBH Signing off shows a lack of commitment to the Corps good luck in Civi street.
  10. You don't really think that do you? 8O
  11. At the last Roadhsow, the 'big man' made it quite clear that any of this signing-off stuff would be treated as such - and echoed the current manning levels as well as the current financial climate as fairly significant persuaders why to avoid doing such a thing.
    In his words "Dry your eyes and suck it up fellas", I imagine your case will get little sympathy from the top. You could however, get a compassionate OC/RCMO to put forward your case and eat more humble-pie than ever before. Or you could try civvie street / RAF, until the financial world recovers and everyone starts signing off again - then rejoin.
    In the meantime however, I wish you luck.

    You filthy VM blackhat :wink:
  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    3 Steps:

    1. Join your nearest TA REME unit, or local unit with a REME VM section.
    2. Get your name down for the next flight heading to Afghanistan as a TA Individual Reinforcement.
    3. Do well, and get them to sign you on permanently at the end of the tour.

    It might seem a little bit devious, but no-one will argue. The TA unit adds one to their "soldiers who deployed" list, the receiving unit get a VM they will be very keen to have, and you get at least one year to get your name in front of the right people for them to sign your paperwork
  13. I do!

    If people think life on Civi Street is better good luck and I mean that. I have had several rejoins over the last few years and that strongly indicates it is not. I would much sooner have some one who wants to be where they are doing their job than a soldier who is just waiting for the economy to pick up before they jump ship. One benefit of rejoins is they know the Army and in particular the REME is a good deal although hard at times.
  14. I have signed for the FRI!?

    Tell them your willing to do SAT & SUN as well :lol:

    If you can't fix it, F... it!
  15. How your CoC (and MCM) let you sign off after taking the FRI is beyond me - clearly Officers MS standards have gone out of the window in the Corps (reinforced by the disgraceful volume of SSgt SJARs that still aren't at Glasgow ahead of the SSgt to WO2 board).

    MCM will likely let you go. Good luck.