Trying to remember the name of the RE Depot.................

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Randy_McNob, Dec 11, 2008.

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  1. ..........just outside Aldershot back in the 1990's???

    Was it at Blackdown???


    Is it still open?
  2. Gib Brks Minley.
  3. Thanks Guys.

    Gibraltar Barracks.

    Thats been driving me nuts for ages
  4. I think it is still open. A mate was saying he was there at the weekend but hes a complete mong to say the least.
  5. Wouldn't have said that Hawley was "just outside" Aldershot. Recce tp, were we?
  6. It is still open as I am off there in Jan for a few months.
  7. If you've been there as a B3 you'll never forget the name of the place!
  8. What.. PIANO... GO?

    Nope. Never forget it.

    Or the pain.
  9. Trig point hill. HOWLING!
  10. Is the Jacko club still there ?
  11. Depot RCT recruits from Buller Barracks used to have to use your pool to do the Military swimming test.

    I heard they used to have to run from Buller to Gib barracks until they got a new OC at Buller who decided to let them go by mini bus
  12. yes the jacko is still there. Cheesy beans on toast with a cup of tea you could boil your face off with the staple diet for many a sapper
  13. probably one of the finest meals ever to be had at gib
  14. It's what I lived off on my B1. The scoff was that carp I always ate in the Jacko. Even Joan knew what I wanted when I came in.