Trying to rejoin - been knocked back please help!!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by si0054, Jun 17, 2008.

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  1. i have recently tried to rejoin the regular army after serving for 5 years 97-02

    and 1 year with reserve last year.

    originally i was medically discharged, i broke my leg in case your wondering, joined the ta loved it again and wanted to re-join full time.

    i have just been knocked back because i have Ashma in my medical records and tennis elbow.

    firstly - i had this in asthma when i first joined, did a spiro test and passed. As with the reserve unit i joined last year!

    secondly - tennis elbow are they serious?? it was a sprots injury because i keep fit and am not a slob!! it is now 100 % cleared up like 3 years ago!!

    i passed last year with reserves and have full pulheems to prove it , so can anyone answer me why i have been knocked back, im fitter now than ever and know that i want to make the army my lifetime carreer, but some stupid doctor has obviously made a decision without looking at all the facts and i have no right to appeal???

    is this right??

    i thought i may have been knocked back for being discharged medically but for this, i am tottaly dismayed and let down by the army again,they have got it totally worng, all i want to do is serve and do a job that i love!!

    Any advice will be much appreciated to help me do the only job ive ever wanted to do!!
  2. Fu** sake man thats bad, they seriously said you have no right to appeal? surely theres a way, your fit for service by the sounds of things and obviously have served before.

    Did they actually say to you, no you will never be allowed back in???

    Why don't you try joining the royal marines or something? saying its with the navy although you will still maintain a combat role, and obviously stepping up the ladder for a bigger challenge.

    I would do some research and find out your rights more clearly, then approach the cnut who deffered you from re-enlisting and then appeal they shouldnt be able to stop you if you are in every right able to re-enlist.

    Apart from that good luck mate and hope it turns around for you. Glenn.
  3. thanks for your support man, hopefully it will be resolved one way or another, kinda kicks youin the bollocks a bit, esp when you fough for your country too, did sierra leone on op barrass
  4. Yes that would rely fuc* me off, im a re-enlister and didnt have a problem getting in again, thing is i never even served a year, yet your having trouble getting in after serving your country 5 years plus 1 in the reserves i think some people need to get their finger out their arrse and start helping fellow soldiers out, they are too busy bringing new low-score recruits in and not even considering grown, experienced men who dont even need teaching again, just a matter of signing a stupid piece of paper and getting you back to work.
  5. Can't you contact anyone higher up that you knew personally while serving? I'm sure if they were to put in the word for you it would get the ball rolling.
  6. would it bollox!! Probably don't want you because of your freaking grammar skills!!

    no seriously you've been skiffed by a doctor or you haven't told the full facts. I'm guessing the doctor's more then likely just fooked you off. Try the recruitment centre again if not write to your MP!!

    And in Sierra Leone we served their country so if all else fails apply for them.....
  7. People don't get discharged for breaking a leg. That can be fixed.

    Why did you get discharged?
  8. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    What cap badge were you?
  9. Hello there. Well I know of someone who applied to join the army, yet to be told that as he had asthma he couldnt join. He had been given an inhaler 3 years ago as he was chest tight but it turned out it was hay fever!!! He never once used the inhalor but was told that as it showed on his medical records that he had been given an inhalar in the past, he couldnt join up. They told him he had to have a clear 4 years to prove he didnt have this illness! He was so upset. He had got totally fit etc so he would pass ok. So, I would get things double checked if poss. You never know. Good luck. :)
  10. Look this may sound blooming obvious but if you are still in the TA why don't you go back to the recruiting office in uniform and ask for the full details.......!!!!! :?
  11. just recently had the same thing with my rejoining app. told i was refused first of all due to something minor that was cleared up whilst still in service so i proved that was all fine by having tests done by my doc. so then i was told that i had seen the c.p.n so had to get letters from work, doc. wife etc to prove that i was of sound mind, then had pulheems done by my doc. and they put my bp reading on there, which was slightly high as i have what is called white coat hypertension, basically i dont like going to doctors but there is actually nothing wrong and got refused on that, so had more tests done and proved nothing was wrong, still told i cant rejoin as im now down graded and have to wait 12 months unless i can prove in the mean time that im fine, so had same tests done again, yet again all clear, yet again turned down! wtf oh well have to wait the 12 months. By the way, although the letter you receive says you have no right to appeal, doesnt mean you cant.
  12. i find it appaling that people who are fit for role with previous service find it so hard to get back in. i applied last year and was messed around by the acio something rotten, i walked and alls i asked for was to go back to my unit and deploy on ops with them. nothing more nothing less. in todays under manned army this is a prime recruitment area that isnt targeted
    ill be trying again shortly and will be devasted if i dont get back in.
  13. If you are that good and worth them taking you in, why did you leave in the first place? How long were you out? Do you think we would just give you a uniform and a gun and a plane ticket to Kandahar?

  14. [​IMG]

    Is this you? :D
  15. I don't think the army has the systems in place which would make everyone think about the overview and the big picture.

    I don't think there is a culture in place which would make people think about the overview.

    To the extent that orders and initiatives come down they encourage people to cover their arse. Think about it logically - if I pass you and you collapse I'm in the shit. If I fail you because I say you will collapse who's to say I'm wrong.

    My mate is going daft finding recruits and having them knocked back. You really want to get this shit fixed? Contact every member of the Defence Select Committee with your experiences and concerns. At the very least contact the Chairman and the Conservatives on the committee. I've done this more than once, and believe me it works. The Conservatives (for obvious reasons) love sticking it to the government.