Trying to locate . . . .

OK, major amendment....

Squad 127 anyone?

I was one of the ingrates transferring in at the time, so anyone else from that squad, get in touch!


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Drop me a PM, GunnyM, I might be able to help.
Fnu snu ank?
Any of the herd of ingrates I served with at 9 Sigs and 640 Airmobile Troop.

A few names to try:

to name but a few...

Anyone in touch with any of the above and/or anyone who was likely to have been around at the time (1990-95), please let me know.
I know ******* and ******* extremely well - attended one of their children's barmitzvah only a few months ago. Have vague recollections of *******, *******, *******, and******* - give me a couple of days to marshall my thoughts and I may have some good news for you.
I also.neglected to mention ******** too and his wife ***

Sorry didn't know names were dodgy ground!

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