Trying to locate pictures of Saracen mark 5s

Hello all, i ave been trying for some time to locate pictures of Saracen mark 5s espically the ambulance and kremlin 2 version. I ave tried the google and had zip.Does anyone know where i could get any of the above? Be very grateful to anyone who could help.
Like this one?

Link to follow, standby :biggrin:
Mk 5/6 interior

Not many Saracen pictures about surprisingly.

I think the hardest one to find is the Kremlin 2 version of the mark 5 Saracen. Kremlin 2 was the name given to the bar armour used by Sarcens in high risk areas.


I'm curious about the rear pintle mount!
Dunno what its got on it, but i do miss the old saracen, first thing i drove in looks at bit waltish with that rear mount etc on it.
EX_STAB said:
Still looks more use than Saxon.
A chocolate fireguard is more use than a Saxon FFS.


Was there ever a rear top hatch on these?
On Saxons?? dont know, in 79 they brought one to the camp in Belfast, telling us how resistant to bullets it was, thing looked like a bus, Bloke who brought it said every unit they had shown it to in Ulster had said the same thing.


No the saracens!
Its given me knee ache looking at those pictures and took me back 30 years good god where have they all gone!

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