Trying to locate ex 3RTR pilot from the 60s

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by 20NOV1917, Apr 23, 2007.

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  1. Ladies & Gents, I've been asked if I could find the whereabouts of an ex-3RTR pilot called Mick Gee. He'd be about 65 now, and apparently has summat to do with an aviation company in Yorkshire. If anyone could point me in the direction of contacting him I'd be most grateful.

    (Porridge Gun i know I used a name there and i don't wish to break the rules but it's fairly important to the individual who seeks him, and i couldn't work out any other way).

  2. Have you asked the question in If not, want me to?
  3. A long shot but could this be the man? scroll down to find name.
    Web Page Name
  4. Sorry about delay in replying, been flying DAAvn around all day. Yeah, if you wouldn't mind asking for me, ta :thumleft:
  5. Lazy git!!!

    Get signed up to the site and do it yourself!

    Some things never change.
  6. Yeah i will mae, too bloody knackered at mo, and the words "dog" and "bark" spring to mind. Was in 671 yday, looking at the contribution our course gave on wings, my you've aged mate, just wondering if you still got all your hair there PT??? :D
  7. Hair is for girls mate

    Bumped into our RM course member in London yesterday...he's doing well, a lawyer now which is just as well as he had a habit of doing unplanned landings.
  8. There was a Mick Gee still flying in '79 with 669 Sqn. I've just checked, he's not on the current members list over the road. I'll put in an enquiry for you.
  9. Thanks cloudbuster :D