trying to join the TA fooking impossible

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by jimbo37, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. what the hell do you have to do to join the ta?? been several times they dont seem interested, was told to meet at a certain bus station nobody turned up !!!!!
  2. Was it a Shortt wait or a long drag?
  3. Tell them you will do it for free...
  4. said i'd do it for free rung a hell of a lot not naming names still trying
  5. i might be a mug but its better than queing up with fucking spongers and fucking muslims waiting fo 64 quid a week
  6. You sound like just the kind of bright spark the army is looking for.
  7. 8O Wait at the bus station? Sounds like Dogging or something to me. Get round to your local TA Centre on Tues/Wed whenever they are there and speak to someone in person. It really isn't hard!
  8. yep thats me i'm sure you guys are all highly educated i apologise profusely lol
  9. been there done that like i say not naming names
  10. No, just evolved enough to not drag our knuckles along the floor.
  11. ok lets not get into a discussion about why this countrys on its knees due to mass immigration and loss of identity and london no longer being british and just lets all be p.c and let it all happen mr smart arse now get to bed
  12. Sounds like you started one...

  13. mmm so are you saying we havent lost our identity then miss smart arse or are you just a person thats had his arse wiped from birth and hasn't had to live in the real world over to you
  14. I call WAH. If not, use some punctuation. You don't have to be educated to do so, unless you call Year 3 primary school 'educated'. In which case you probably consider your cousin as 'outside the family' and thus fair game.