trying to get my hands on some reme NO.1s

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Reme_dave, Apr 26, 2010.

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  1. its a long story but i need to get my self some number ones by the 8th of may, im in the tidworth area, i know of one tailor in bulford but they only give you half the gear for a exspencive price. any help would be fantastic, thanx

  2. Ring the clothing store at Arborfield. They used to have lots in there
  3. Don't forget to get them badged "one rank up" if it's your wedding ;)
  4. cheers guys, iv tryed to google the arborfield tailor for a tel number but with no joy, any one know it?
  5. sorry i just read again, i was in a rush, how do i find the number for the clothing store there, sorry for this noobisness
  6. No idea? Are you on the mil phone system? If so then 192.
  7. yes i am, so i dnt need a prefix or anything just 192 from any mil phone or is that some sort of operator?
    sorry again for knowing nothing
  8. Get the military operator and ask her to put you through to the clothing store at Arborfield. It sued to be just 192, I assume it's the same?
  9. Mil phone dial 192
    ask for Arborfield Clothing store
    dial the number they give you
    if they don't have the number for the clothing store ask for the guardroom at Arborfield
    phone the guardroom ask them for the number to the clothing store
  10. It hasn't been the clothing store for a quite a few years.

    The Arborfield number is Les Cooke on 01189 763 452.
  11. What size are you? I have a set of No 1s in my house.
  12. Thanx very much for all your help. I used that number for arborfeild and iv been for a fitting. They charge £40 a week for rental of the jacket, trousers, belt and gloves. The tailor it how ever u need for no extra cost an its ready in just a week. Please dont be ripped off by any one else like the one in bulford who want £140 for just rental of jacket and trousers. Could the mods some how make a sticky bout thisso no 1 else needlesly waste money.

    Thanks again for every ones help.
  13. Does any one know of any where. I can hire number 1's from in Germany or have them sent over to me with out a fitting in the uk. I have all my measurements and sizes. Tia
  14. Your regimental HQ might be able to help? What cap badge?