Trying to get her snout back into the trough.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Abdiel, Aug 1, 2010.

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  1. Apart from the obvious about this story; how in God's name can someone who isn't an oil trader or similar do enough work in half a week to justify such a giant salary?
  2. Shame the closing date for applications has passed. I'd do the job for £40k including expenses. Perhaps if they're reading this...
  3. Disgraced, incompetent former politician who gobs off at the press without thinking. I'd give her a job at the BBC (cleaning kahzis).

    As the Mail article implies, she hasn't got a hope in hell. Nice to see former Labour MPs getting desperate as the quango gravy train dries up. I understand at least one of them is now signing on the dole. Kinda makes you wonder why they're "worth £150k" in pay and expenses.

    Give her six months. She'll be back in some chav school teaching the kids how to boil eggs.
  4. Jacqui '**** off' Smith.

    Once a grubby little piggy, always a grubby little piggy.

    When asked about her application, Piggy said…

    "How did you know I had applied. **** off."

    Shows the level of intelligence of the mong… It's a Public Body and they have to publically disclose who's applied you thick bint.

  5. Indeed! Isn't it striking how many of the deposed Liebour Raj have found themselves effectively unemployable compared with the 'Toff Tory' MP's who by and large can and have returned to their former professions.

    Oh well, that's the perks of being a worthless nobody parachuted into a job purely on the grounds of your right on guardianista credentials and party loyalty.
  6. Except for his Tonyness of Bliar who earning millions doing......well I'm not quite sure but he's still earning millions
  7. It's the BBC, only right on Guardianista's need apply. How they can justify £77,000 for a two and a half day week is beyond me, however given my stance on TV Licenses I can at least take comfort from the fact it's none of my money.
  8. £77,000 p/yr is **** all these days. It's about the going rate for consultants, wind your neck's in and play the ball not the player.
  9. As James may might say

    "2 4 6 8,
    Jacqui Smith's husband likes to masturbate"

    Slap it into the worthless cow
  10. I see the previous holder of this Part Time appointment may have left because of a ........ to put it politely " Expenses Misunderstanding " ... Hi Hi .... and I see little chance of this Ex MP who was part of a similar misunderstanding , tantamount to theft , having a cat in hells chance of being appointed ... tainted goods and all that .
    I hope that the days of a guaranteed plush job even after disgraceful service in Public Office are coming to an end .
  11. But what's she consulting on? Expense maximisation? Dealing with constituents' complaints about council tax?

    She's a school teacher. She's got no skills other than a knowledge of the GCSE Economics curriculum from the early 1990s and a stint as Home Secretary where, by her own admission, she was completely out of her depth. She nearly caused a constitutional crisis by setting the anti-terrorist squad on her political opponents and she doesn't even have the sense to stay civil when speaking on the record to a national newspaper.

    Bear in mind that the £77k is for half a week's work. Pro rata that's £154,000. More than the NHS pays a consultant brain surgeon. More than the General commanding UK forces in Afghanistan gets paid. It's very nearly as much as the head of the Royal Navy is on. For what? Shuffling papers and sending emails?

    Hopefully George Osborne will be round the BBC with a large axe in the near future.
  12. Probably more like attending "fact finding" visits, lunches & a few meetings.
  13. There was a time when if you gave someone enough rope etc. Unfortunately, these days, they just buy shares in rope and become rope millionaires. She'll be back in some shape or form. I find her... strangely... arousing?

  14. Her husband doesn't, he had to order a gay PPV porn film to **** off too.