Trying to find

Not I.

I only knew one "Jacko Jackson" and that was in 2ADFA Osnatrash in 1979 and I dont think he would have made CSM (could be Oh so wrong though could'nt I)
He fancied my daughter :lol:


Before you comply with VB's anonymisation directive, are we talking about the same bloke who commissioned in 99?

I was at Keogh with someone of the same name who was an LE MSO.
I know him through rugby contacts - best you PM me.


Dear Vibro bono
Would love to conply but can remember how to get back in to the original message to change the text!!!
Regards DD
He goes to the P&P every year, so if youre down at Blockhouse this year you can say hi.

Talking of the P&P, anyone going? Venty, I cant put you on my units list this year, I havent got a unit any more! I'm a damn civvie too! What are we going to do?
sounds good but you missed out standing in a queue of 360 people at the bar with 3 staff behind it, how you getting your ticket?

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