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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fasterthanaspeedingbullet, Sep 27, 2005.

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  1. Don't know if this is the right forum to post this in but here goes...

    I'm trying to find out a bit more info on someone who i might be distantly related to and have a question that some of you arrsers out there might know the answer to.

    If it sounds ridiculously stupid please don't take the pith cos i genuinely don't know!

    :?: This person was based in Hong Kong in 1976 and held the rank of Lance-Sergeant. Does anybody know what regiment/corps may have been based there at that time and what rank is Lance-Sergeant?

    Cheers :)
  2. Let me guess, you're about 29 now?
  3. Am I being drawn into a big wah? If so, you've got me.

    I am around that age but what's my age got to do with it????
  4. This wouldn't happen to be your dad you're looking for, would it?
  5. Ah... The double wah!
  6. Lance-Sergeant is a rank usually associated with the Guards division and is supposed to be the equivalent of a Full Corporal in non-guards regiments. You might try E-Mailing the Guards division RHQ. They may have some info on any guards units that went through there around the time your interested in.You can find the adress by clicking on one of the Guards regiments links. (Coldstream, Grenadier,Irish,Scots or Welsh)
    Might help you out a little.
  7. try google - lance sergeant, dad
  8. Just sussed that one after I posted! Bugger! I bow my head in shame...

    Nothing to do with me, concerns my son, still a genuine question.
  9. 8)

  10. yet the original said

    Related to your son, but not to you ... ? Hmmmmm
  11. Alright, alright, stop picking holes in my question :oops:

    Long story but I am trying to trace the possible grandfather of my son, and no, he's not my dad. He may be the father of my bitch of an ex :twisted:

    Had a look at and they reckon the Light Infantry were there in '76, do they have a rank of Lance-Sergeant?
  12. I dunno if this helps but I remember full corporal being referred to as Lance-sergeant when i've worked with Grenadier Guards (I think). I'm not sure if this is the only regiment that does it- sorry. Hope it's of help.
  13. Try googling different things and see what you get - that is all I did. No, LI shouldn't have any LSgt unless attached personnel for some reason (unless anyone knows different of course).
  14. Firstly, Lance Sergeant is a Guards rank, equivalent to Corporal, but giving access to the Sgts Mess.

    Secondly, although shows only the LI and Ghurkas in Hong Kong in 1976, there would be dozens of other cap badges present. It is highly possible that a Guards L/Sgt could have been attached to almost any unit for training purposes, or indeed present for ceremonial duties.

    Presumably, you have some documentation that provided the basis for rank, date and location. There may be more information e.g. the number of buttons on a tunic or collar badge shown on a photo would indicate which Guards Regiment. I'd presume you also know the surname of your ex-wifes father. You may get more joy from a Guards Association, though with this being a delicate subject,I doubt that you'll get much success.