Trying to find some lost RCT/RAOC guys who were at JLR RCT/RAOC

Discussion in 'RLC' started by bathblade, Sep 19, 2012.

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  1. Can you help? I am trying to locate the following for a troop reunion:

    Dvr Michael Sibley
    Dvr Ian McLelland (1 ADTR)
    Dvr David Sims (1 ADTR)
    Dvr Jock Gibson
    Dvr Chris Laing (RCT Clerk)
    Dvr Jason Thorpe (17 Sport and Pastime)

    All would have joined their first units in April-Jun 1989. I know its a long shot, but if you know anything about these blokes then please post it so we can track them down. Thanks

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  2. I recognise a few names I think.

    Was Ian McLelland a big Jock nutter?

    Tried FB?
  3. Tried FB, no joy. Ian McLelland was indeed a jock nutter.
  4. He was at 3ADTR in Duisburg when I was there but cannot remember where he went.

    I think he got out and went to live in Brighton.

    We nicknamed him The Kurgan.

    ******* loon as I recall.
  5. When was you in sunny Duisburg? I was there 87-92.
  6. Same dates mate.

    Well 88 just after the bomb until we closed it down.

    21 Sqn. You?
  7. 6 Sqn, then attached to 21 and 35 for the Banner tours. Nickname used to be D-Day. Some people say.... because every time I got in a truck I crashed at the start, I like to think it was after the guy out of the old army comics who shared the same surname.
  8. PM sent as we know each other pretty well.......We were both at 11 Regt too mate.
  9. What is this, Trogs Reunited? I know you too TWU. BOS, not enough to ping you yet!

  10. Hello mate!
  11. And you can bugger off! ;)
  12. Charming! But fair.
  13. I'm only joking. Hope all is well.

    Right I think that's this thread thoroughly hijacked.

  14. 3 years too late but I am Andy Graves who you was looking for 16 TK TPTR SQN and 63 AB SQN