Trying to find out what the various progs on my system do

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Fusilier5039, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. To try & clean up my pc, I read a thread a while ago that directed me to a site, i cant seem top find it can any one help?

    thanks in advance

    Oh & Happy Birthday to the TAVR, I shall be raising a glass to you all tonight, whoever & wherever you may be..
  2. You want Trend Micro's Hijack This.$
  3. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    Firefox = looking for porn
    Media Player = watching porn

    What more do you need to know
  4. type into run msconfig

    and that will show you all that runs from start up
  5. Windows XP?

    right click on Local Disc ('C')


    You now have Disc Cleanup

    and under 'Tools' on the top bar you have...

    Error Checking (this sorts out your hard drive and makes it go quicker) :D

    Defragmentation (this sorts out your hard drive and makes it go quicker) :D
  6. Excellent Gents thanks for your responses, ill have a look tonight
  7. msr

    msr LE for serious, er, 'discerning' partakers of the digital flesh.

  8. Delete them one at a time and see what doesn't work after a reboot and then you'll know what they were for. :twisted:
  9. If you look at the processes list under Task manager and you are unsure what any of them are have a look at :

    use the search on the right hand side. Ive found this site really useful, it tells you what the process is, what program it is associated with etc, where it is safe to shut it down or not (ie not essential to running windows).
  10. go to download the tool there which is certified by microsoft, the tool will investigate your computer then it will put all the details on an interactive web page, where you can click on any process that you think is susspect, and it will show you all the details and its threat level.
    Also the default scan is brilliant for fault finding on someone else's computer who doesn't want to install the software or if your at work.
  11. What does that actually do? I've seen it but been too scared to use it incase it fcuks my laptop up!!
  12. Over a period of time the files on your pc become jumbled up, think of it as a book with the pages in the wrong places. The pc slows down because it looks for a file which isn`t there and has to go hunting your hard drive for it. If you open defrag there is an analyse button you can click which will tell you whether you need to defrag, but its wise to do it once a month anyway as basic maintenance.
  13. Cheers Slick, so I just click defrag and it does it automatically then?
  14. It certainly does
  15. Right then, I shall be doing that this afternoon so if you never see another post from me then you know I've fcuked it up!