Trying to find out if my old wagon got blown up!?

Afternoon all!

Random question, because the world is ending... and because lock down has given me time to think of the most benign things! I was wondering if anyone either knows of my old wagon (Jackal JA 94 AB), or knows where I would be able to find out what became of it? It may still be serving!?

There must be a spotter out there somewhere that could point me to a website that lists VRN's!?

Stay safe... stay in... keep wanking!


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In the late 70s I commanded 33 BA 81, a Mark 1 battlegroup HQ rebro Ferret.

I have an account (I used to spend too much of my working day) on, a historic military vehicles forum.

One day, an American asked for information about 33 BA 81. I gave him chapter and verse. He told me he'd restored it as a Mark 2. I blanked him.

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