trying to find out co of 2bn reme

Discussion in 'REME' started by remevm047, Sep 3, 2009.

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  1. can any one help me. im trying to find out who was the co of 2bn reme in 2002 - 2004.
  2. Is this some kind of fiendish plan to track down and kill your ex COs?
  3. i was there then and know who it is but who are u and why are you asking?!!
  4. It was me mate, Dave.
  5. Rubbish. Im Dave and so's my wife
  6. Why the fcuk are you trying to get the names of all the CO's? If you are that interested, ring records which i am sure they will love and ask them, you have a profile which shows 9 posts in the last 9 months are you a walt?
  7. Stalker!
  8. What a strange thing to ask, as it goes I served with him, and he is an outstanding person.Why the hell do you want to know and who are you is what springs to mind.
  9. Are you just after names to drop casually into conversation; "Ah, yes, Colonel Denis Aubergine Wibberly-Floyd, I knew him very well when he was CO of 2 REME, back in 2004 I think it was. Sound fellow, but not so good at tiddlywinks, so I recall".
  10. Laughing hard here, thinking of the man in question playing tiddleywinks!!
  11. Coincidence,my neighbours name is Dave,what a small world.His wife is Lyn tho',so,I doubt she would know the names of any of the CO's. :wink:
  12. Was he a half colonel by any chance?
  13. At that point this is most likely, however, much more than that today ...................................onwards and upwards and all that.
  14. I was the CO of whatever whenever. How can I help you?
  15. There were actually two during that time. Not that that helps you. My fee involves beer on delivery :D