trying to find grandads military root

My appologies if im posting in the wrong place firstly.
Ive recently discovered that my grandad,robert smith dilworth, was a gunner in the royal artillery in ww2.
Apparently he was training commando's at spean bridge until 1944,then he was sent to italy and whilst guarding polish POW he was hit by shrapnel from a grenade which was thrown from a train.He was hospitalised in italy and had a metal plate put in his forehead.
He also stayed at the grey ladies house in bursledon around 1940.
He was a pt instructor and was also a boxer.
Is there any way of finding out which regiment he was in? i know nothing about looking for military records unfortunately.
I also know he was made sergeant but for some reason he had his stripes taken off him after only a couple of weeks! Nobody knows why!
Id be very grateful for any pointers anyone could give me.
All the best to you all


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