Trying to Find Film--Germans in Brit POW Camp

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Yank_Lurker, May 29, 2009.

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  1. Years ago I saw a small bit of a movie that looked interesting, but business called me away from the TV. Set in a prison camp in England, German U Boot sailors almost in mutiny against camp guards. Something about some German's about to be hanged for some offense (murder?), Germans threatening to execute British POW's in retribution, I *think* Robert Shaw playing the charismatic German commander of the POW's, I recall a scene in the mess hall with German U Boot sailors pounding the tables singing some song or other, the British guard being called out with bayonets fixed. Anyone have the title?

    I seem to recall the claim it was based on a real incident.
  2. I think the movie you are looking for is 'The McKenzie Break' starring Brian Keith. Set in a POW camp in Scotland.
  3. Culltybraggan camp. Allegedly some of the German POWs came across as advisors and were amazed to find the place virtually unchanged and still in use.

    Various mentions of the camp in previous threads including moire details of the film.
  4. I believe you'll find that this part was played by Helmut Griem, an excellent Boxheed actor, who went on to a fine career in Boxheed theatre and telly. Among many roles, he played Maximilian von Heune in the film "Cabaret" (1972) with Lisa Minelli.

    In the filum you're thinking of (1970) he played Willi Schlüter.

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  6. And if you would like to watch the movie now, follow this link and fill your boots.

    It's a streaming site, type in the code and once it's loaded, press pause on the divx player, wait till it connects and watch away.