Trying to Find (Ex) WO2 NP James, REME -

Discussion in 'Canada' started by insttech, Nov 18, 2009.

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  1. - Who served with 107 Ulster Bde, Ballymena, Northern Ireland Jan 97 - Oct 98. We're trying to return a presentation piece from the Mess which has now closed. I have info that he served his last years in Canada before getting out over there. Any expats..?
  2. He was in Canada back in 99-00 (about) as ASM. I will ask around see if he is still in the area
  3. Thanks - Someone over on the REME forum passed me a work address for him so we've sent a letter - but I'd still like him to get in touch with me at barra733'at' Thanks again.
  4. I know where Neil is, I'll pass the email address on. I can't gauruntee that He'll get in touch but if it involves free stuff I'm sure he'll be interested !!