Trying to find a book

Maybe someone here can help me.It's out of print & all the usual sources came up nothing.
It's called "They Stood in he Door" by Don Macnaughton. It's a semi biographical account of his time in the 16 Independant Parachute Brigade of the British Army in the 60's & 70's.I lent it to someone & never got it back.It's one of my favorite books & a good insite into Squaddie humour.
I have the second in the three bbok set "They Stayed a Soldier".
Thanks in advance.
A fantastic book service can be found here for all sorts of books, and the one you want is on there, along with They Stayed a Soldier (think that's right!).
Many thanks ExPadBrat just spent £63.50 on a book i have been looking for, for quite a while.
rockhoppercrab said:
Many thanks ExPadBrat just spent £63.50 on a book i have been looking for, for quite a while.
HOW MUCH????!!!!!!! 8O
Thanks EPB, I 've got "They Stayed a Soldier". "They Stood in the Door" is brilliant.It follows them thru basic & then onto op's.Been after a copy for years & since I lent the original out & never got it back i've been searching for a replacement copy.
Thanks again peeps,
Its been out of print since 1948 and seeing it at a bargain price with it being the history of my dad's division i just couldn't resist.
Oh well in that case I'll consider it a bargain....! Was a bit worried lol... :lol:
I found the erotic fetish photography books a little too tame and Mrs RHC wont have them in the house

Thank's for this tread I had seen this book and like you forgotten the name of it but on finding it here I bought it off amazon for 1p and read it in two days. If you want this copy e-mail me your address and I will post to you, no charge.

Sorry Spike I'm a tit it was another book that someone helped me with but I will look out for it and if I find a copy will pass on the information.

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