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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by DisorderlyChimp, Sep 17, 2008.

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  1. Whilst I've made my decission to join the army, I'm trying to take a step back and look at the right career choice as I'm already knocking on for 30yrs old and want to get it right and serve the full 22yrs.

    I'd only really thought of the infantry before but think it only right to consider other options before I make my decission, and there are a number of other jobs that interest me - some of which fall under Royal Artillery...

    The roles that interest me are:
    Gunner, Light Gun
    Gunner, AS90
    Gunner, Artillery Command Systems
    Gunner, Observation Post Assistant

    The one that holds the most interest for me is Observation Post Assistant, as (from the brochure) it sounds the most varied and interesting, and I'd be keen to look at the oppertunity of going to 7RHA (for various reasons, NOT just for the wings).

    Can anyone with direct experience of the above roles give me some "real" info on your impressions/experience of the job?
    I just want to get some actual info, rather than just trusting to the recruiting process.

    I'm not set on Artillery as yet, as I also have interests in infantry & engineering jobs - but am hoping some of you might be able to help me make a more informed decission.

  2. Have you considered trades that may be of use in civi street when you get out?
  3. To be fair, I'm looking at being 52 (at least) when I get out, and have no idea what will interest me (or where the civvy money will be) in 22yrs time.

    I've been chasing the wage since I left school in '95, and am bored with that game - just want to do a job purely for the love of it now, and I'll deal with civvy life in another 22years.

    Not meaning to argue with you, it's just my opinion...
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Go for the one you want most.

  5. All jobs have their relative merits. Arty Observation is busy and "sharp". Guns are guns - you will love them; command systems is good. None really have a civi application. If you want a job which has civi qualifications, then the RA is probably not for you (well, not on your wish list anyway) - "Hello Mr D_Chimp, what qualifications do you have? Mmmm, I don't think we need anyone who can command a gun - this is a bakery!) Think about Arty Logistics - it doesn't seem cool but the Bty cannot move without it and nyou will have a load of qualifications by the end of it.

    If you want a job for the qualifications afterwards, join the engineers. If you want a job for the friendship and operational tours and will think of the civi career in 22 years, join the Gunners. If you are thick, join the infantry.

  6. heres some of the qualification you can get while in the RA:

    full driving licence
    education in computers
    certificates in team leading
    diplomas in management
    maths and english qualification
    ICT certificates.

    im pretty sure that some of them will help you out once you leave the army?
  7. Just to clarify - I'm NOT interested in what qualifications I'll get for civvy street.
    I'm joining the army as a career for 22years, NOT as a way to set myself up for an easy civvy life when I'm bored of hot & sandy places.

    I'm knocking on for 30yrs old, and have spent the last 14 years in IT Support & IT Service management, and have firsthand knowledge that qualifications rarely count for much in the civvy market anyway.

    For once I'm that odd person who's simply looking to make the right army-job choice based on how much I'll enjoy it, rather than how it could benefit me when I leave - which is why I'm specifically asking for the experience/advice of those who have done (or are doing) the jobs I listed above.

    (hope that doesn't sound too much like a rant, but felt the thread was sliding a little off topic... )
  8. ROS

    ROS Clanker

    SO2 Personnel/Recruiting
    Artillery Centre
    E-Mail -

    Contact them and ask about a visit to Larkhill, you will get a real feel about what is on offer by visiting them. I am about to finish after 22 years and have fully enjoyed my 12 years in 7 Para and 10 years teaching and doing other jobs within the corps. Drop them an email, see what they say.
  9. that is the best way to look at things mate, im 17 and im joining up for a career rather than doing a few years then leaving.
    plus i dont think the army are too fussed about what you do when you leave they just want you to be good at what you do when your in.
  10. Thought about UAV's? Seems like cracking work to me.
  11. Sorry fella's - decided to go REME in the end....