Trying to breath when running


Im after a bit of advice, hope you can help.

Currently no longer in green, well im an ACF instructor but that doesnt count. I still would like to pick your brains.

When I run it feels like im permenantly choking when I get above walking speed, used to make BPFA quite fun. Ive been to the doctors and have been diagnosed with Rhinisis, the mediation ive been given hasnt solved the problem. Eventually when I do start to choke I bring up incredibly thick mucas, also due to rhinisis I cant breath through my nose when running never have been able to.

I know im reasonably fit I can quite easily do press ups, sit ups, biking, I just cant breath enough to run. Im not sure if anyone might have any suggestions?

Apologies for poor grammar, been a long day.
If you can't breath you will die. If running causes shortage of breath then stop running FFS. I don't know what advice you are hoping to get asking such a dumb question.


Try breathing through your mouth and just snort all the gank out of your beak periodically throughout the run to prevent build up. You say you go biking so you must have some breathing pattern to be able to do that over any length of time. Is it important to you to go running? - you're no longer serving by the sounds of it so maybe if your happy with biking just stick to that. If you are struggling to breath through your mouth when running then it may indicate something a bit more serious but I'm not a doctor. Do you smoke? - because this could be a major contributing factor to the mucus. I'm sure one of my old mates had a similiar problem at some point and he got it corrected through surgery, speak to your GP, failing that just sack it and get down the boozer :wink:
well, you might be allergic to milk. Cow's milk is a total bastard for forming mucus and is very hard to digest (because cows have 4 stomachs and humans lose the enzyme needed to digest milk around the age of 3). If you drink a lot of milk and eat a lot of yogurt then go cold turkey and don't touch the stuff at all (except for a splash in tea if you need it).

alternatively switch to goat's milk (one stomach like us) - personally I can't stand the stuff but it cleared my son's exczema up.

I used to drink tonnes of milk and I had a similar problem altho not as severe as you describe. Also I had a broken nose for many years that I didn't know about and when it was reset i breathed a lot better - so get that checked out.

Finally if you run regularly you will clear out all the crap from your nose and lungs as you go - cutting out dairy products will help you clear it out quicker than you can fill your nose up again. And stay away from chlorinated swimming pools!


Good points there on the Milk and the Swimming Pools there.....I think the problem may lie a little deeper but still valid points and should be made note of, certainly won't hurt.