Trying to block TA entry.


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Hi there. My workmate has recently tried to join the TA. After spending ages trying to find a unit who would take him (ex-reg, 34 turning 35 years old) he finally found one.

However, this unit turned out to be a right pile of cock. No recruiting team, no interest in doing anything with the recruits and no idea of rules and regulations with regard to what they can actually do with newbies.

Just as he was about to jack the whole TA idea in a unit that he had previously been turned down by (due to the incompetance of thier admin staff) contacted him saying that he could join them but carrear prospects may be limited. He took this on the chin and went for a chat.

He was well impressed and decided that said unit was the place for him. His old unit phoned him a few weeks later asking where he had been and so he explained why he left and it didn't go down too well. They said that they would block him joining any other TA unit.

This seems like an empty threat to me as he has not signed anything saying he would join his unit. I've told him to inform his new unit and hopefully they will be able to sort this out but I'm not 100% certain.

Can someone in the know spread some light on this as he's not sure where he stands.
His 'old' unit can do 3 times the sum of **** all to stop him from moving units.

If he's signed nothing he can do what he wants. If he has signed on the line, a unit can block a transfer if it has a damned good reason to, but it's unlikely and I've never heard of a game of silly buggers being won that way.



Can you name the 'old unit' yet?

The only time Ive heard of someone being blocked from transferring was a female officer to be was being sponsored by the regiment.
If he has not signed anything, im pretty sure they can poke off.


I have dealt with a similar threat in my unit from a neighbour just down the road.
In short it is total bollocks, they cannot stop you from moving over. The only thing they can do is delay sending any paperwork that they have over to the new unit, but if you have not filled in the forms yet then no problem.
If they do hold forms for you then your PSAO can do one of two things, either contact the unit himself and request the paperwork on your behalf or he can ask your old unit to terminate the application on ARCADE and then start afresh.
It is always a shame when this happens but some units cannot cope with 'one TA' let alone 'one Army'.


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i'd rather not as my work mate has asked me not to so it doesn't cause any crap. if he ok's it then i'll name them.

Hello There,

I deal with recruiting and as such there is nothing the losing unit can do, apart from hold up any paperwork.

My advice: if not attested, complete new forms, new entry on arcade. get medical and application asp. also depending on what he did in the regs will help the debate.

if attested - deal with new unit - I have transfered a few from other units and I just chase down the paperwork and annoy for a better word the losing unit.

If having major problems get PSAO to contact your local BRAT team as we now recurit for ONE ARMY there are no holds on someone that shows an interest joining whoever they want.

Its better to have him in the TA at another unit than to loose the experience he could bring from the regs.

Hope this helps.
If they block him - a suit for restraint of trade could be called for (if only to encourage them).

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