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Hi all
I'm a complete IT flid, and proud of it. I have, however, found a rather amusing short clip that I'd like to add to my signature block (Jessica Kastrop the Kraut TV presenter getting pupped in the back of the head with a long-range shot) - tumblr_l7skauYUr21qbbpaoo1_250.gif.

Try as I might, I can't make the f***er work - any suggestions? I have tried uploading it from the Desktop of my laptop and also as a link - no joy with both

Grateful for any sensible pointers.


Have you looked at the 'small print' by the upload box that gives file size limits? Does you clip comply?

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I did indeed; it strikes me that others have "worked around" this - see - the gif of the rather shapely young lady pulling a skirt up over a rather lovely behind, and I 'm sure most othe gif signatures exceed the 9.8kb limit, or whatever it is. I just wondered if anyone had a "work-around", but I ain't going to die in a ditch over it!!!
I did indeed; it strikes me that others have "worked around" this
Could you give me an example? I'm guessing that anyone showing a large animated gif signature is linking to an externally hosted file, not uploading it to us. Large, slow to load, loop video signatures are real irritation to many by the way.
So why not just disable the uploading of gifs as signatures then?
Over policing? Not many people use huge files. Also I'm not sure that we can distinguish between sizes of remotely hosted files, so I think we could only block images altogether, which is a little harsh.

I must admit though that it is a shame that people feel the need to turn off signatures. There are plenty of worthy / witty / relevant ones out there that don't get read as an indirect result of large images and videos being used. An example which I wish were read more often is mine!

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