Trying to achieve major changes while doing business as usual.

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Man-test, Apr 16, 2011.

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  1. "Soldiers universally concede the general truth that in war "the moral is to the physical as three is to one" -Napoleon.

    Has anyone had a good look on the shop floor and seen the moral impact these impending redundancies are having on the Soldiers/ Officers? The on-line redundancy calculator has been red hot and disdain is spreading. I am out of the bracket with only a couple of years left however, financial meltdown or not in the UK let us not forget what we walked into the careers office door to do, this is not a job for most people its a way of life. Contempt is spreading faster than anyone thought possible.

    "About morals, I know only that what is moral is what you feel good after and what is immoral is what you feel bad after".-Ernest Hemingway
  2. From what I have seen from your posts, your morale would never be high. You seem a disgruntled man - always looking for the negative and pessimistic aspect of life. Shame that the redundancy package will pass you by.
  3. I'm relatively upbeat if your asking! Are you dental fit to deploy? I can smell your breath from here. When your made redundant do keep in touch, be nice to hear how your getting on.
  4. That's you told Bianchi!!!
  5. Are we talking about morale or the moral component here?

    I am confused.
  6. is it possible to award an O2 tag before a 50th post?

    Melchy, do the honours and badge this horse's bellend up
  7.'ll be outed.
  8. Man Test is BPS6766768787 and I claim my £5
  9. Can I be outed too?
  10. My bold. Have you?^~

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  11. Yep......upset MT....he'll crack your 'PERSEC'....job done.
  12. The offer is still on matey. You really don't remember me do you? Had you not told me personally what name you go by I would have cracked it anyway. Really, it's like talking to a FIG 11 target.
  13. Don't send me anymore grovelling private messages begging for forgiveness.
  14. 'Hoist on your own petard' is the normal expression. But not far off. Well done.
  15. If I did tell you who I am then I'd have thought of you as an ally or friend. What a shame that you're so two-faced, joining ARRSE, littering the threads with your bad attitude.

    If you feel that the PM was grovelling then think on.

    If you are the new empowered voice of the Corps then feel free to PM me back, revealing the true MT, and I'll happily come to wherever you are and we can discuss your issues face to face?

    You maybe able to ‘out’ me to our fellow ARRSE members but I know you’ll never reveal yourself to me……….paraphrasing your earlier post “you haven’t got the minerals.”