Tryfan "easy" ?!?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by MrPVRd, Oct 19, 2007.

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    How stupid is this? I went up Tryfan once, in thick fog, on an exped, and watched with disbelief as a PTI jumped from one pillar to another (Adam and Eve) at the top. A fellow expeder slipped and nearly fell off near the top (I was behind and underneath him :evil: ) and I have a long list of holiday destinations, on which this particularly challenging destination is near the bottom. Beneath Tryfan on the list is that nasty ridge on Snowdon which I went across like a rocket rather than linger and look over the edge! :oops:

  2. I thought it was fairly easy! we got from the road to Adam and Eve in around 50 minutes, was a lot fitter then though! the jump is fairly harmless also...
  3. I think you are referring to crib goch as the "nasty ridge" near snowdon. That can be a bit cheeky if the wind is up and you have a large bergen on.
  4. Done it more than once, never had a drama. Even with a hangover from "Swallows"! Mind you, I did always plan in the summer!
  5. Isn't the record descent from summit to the cottage supposed to be about 7 minutes?! the couple in the article must have ended up on the 'climbing' side of the mountain as I'm sure the book would have explained the easy walkers route up from the road and cottage but like any mountain you can become disorientated in extreme weather...
  6. I think he broke that record the route he took!
  7. I got up it fairly easily and certainly no dramas the climbing side a different matter and in bad weather could be tricky.
    a proper mountain though and best beware
  8. You'll go straight to hell for that one Bottleosmoke... 8O
  10. My school had a field centre nearby and groups of kids were regularly shoved up Tryfan. I found it hard going cos I was an idle fat f*ck back then, but I wouldn't say it was the Principality's equivalent of K2 by any means.
  11. Won't be long before everyone has to clip onto a safety rope all the way up...
  12. I remember going up there with a bergan full of tinnies, and getting funny looks from the civvies, bloody cheek. Go to the Cuillins for some proper hills!
  13. Been up, can't say it was that problematic.

    If they had a map (regardless of the book) surely they could have figured their way off?

    Was up Snowdon (and tryfen) in about 92(?), that was the year that high winds blew the train over!!!! Walked past it, and the old "knife edge" where you look over the side at your peril.

    Problem is easy/medium/hard will always be a relative comparision. What is medium to some may well be easy to some or hard for many.
  14. most of the problem with tryfan is it has a habit of being shitty weather.
    with a lack of paths and such, if you arent spot on with your night or poor visibility navigation, and get lost you aint got much hope of walking off very quickly unless you know the terrain.

    recently i was on the summit of tryfan in such high weather i was getting blown sideways (litterally my feet slid) with a 15 kg rucksack. crawling over scree is fairly harsh on your knees.
  15. The problem with Tryfan is, it is too close to the bloody road! The last time I climbed Grooved Arete I was astonished just after crossing the Knight Moves, whilst setting up the belay I heard a voice "excuse me!" I turned around to see a bloke and his wife, in shorts and trainers, the bloke had a small child in one of them rucksack type affairs, his question? "do you know the quickest way down, we have gone a little off the track!!!!!!"

    After angrily explaining that the quickest way down was the way I had just taken up but he wasn't equipped for it(no fecking wings), we ended up escorting them off the mountain, I was honestly fuming, this was in November and you couldn't see 25 yards for the low cloud, they didn't even have a waterproof between them!