Try This!

The Recipe for Sprout Curry.

You Need: Sprouts
2 Tins Green Lentils
Red Chilli Paste
Pataks Vindaloo Paste
Tinned Toms
Garilic Paste.
1/2 pint prune juice

Chop up and fry sprouts, onions, garlic paste & Beef
Boil Cabbage & Cauili
and sprouts, beef, garlic paste, onions to cabbage & Cauli including water
Add the remaining ingredients

Simmer for 1 hr rest for 3 hrs

reheat & serve with rice and chopped boiled egg/ raisins

Drink canned Bitter amount up to you.

Then go on the pi$$ drinking the finest of real ales.

Report the results on ARRSE.
That's worth having some Biscuits AB first and letting the vile ingredients fester for a while. Then take yourself around to the outlaws for Sunday lunch and explode whilst on the thunderbox.

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