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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by sebcoe, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. The Recipe for Sprout Curry.

    You Need: Sprouts
    2 Tins Green Lentils
    Red Chilli Paste
    Pataks Vindaloo Paste
    Tinned Toms
    Garilic Paste.
    1/2 pint prune juice

    Chop up and fry sprouts, onions, garlic paste & Beef
    Boil Cabbage & Cauili
    and sprouts, beef, garlic paste, onions to cabbage & Cauli including water
    Add the remaining ingredients

    Simmer for 1 hr rest for 3 hrs

    reheat & serve with rice and chopped boiled egg/ raisins

    Drink canned Bitter amount up to you.

    Then go on the pi$$ drinking the finest of real ales.

    Report the results on ARRSE.
  2. That's worth having some Biscuits AB first and letting the vile ingredients fester for a while. Then take yourself around to the outlaws for Sunday lunch and explode whilst on the thunderbox.
  3. Gents,
    This is tried and tested, it does impair trapping off to some degree, Bar clearance team "fall in" but the stentch actually attracts nurses.