try this site out for measuring distances for running

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by hrlyndon, May 6, 2007.

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  1. Hey all, I posted this as a reply on another topic but i thought maybe it would be useful for other people who are in training.

    Change the country and type in your town, you can then zoom right in click your starting position and then click on the roads to make your route. this will also give you the distance in miles or km. You can register free if you want to save your routes.

    ***There is alot more to this site than just making routes, check out the homepage of runningahead.***

    Good luck to all.


    p.s - Below example of a planned 1.5 route only took 2 minutes to do.

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  2. msr

    msr LE

    I trust that this doesn't start and end outside your house?

  3. UM no, maybe blonde but not stupid lol.

    But thanks anyway

  4. how do you get it to like follow the roads when I click on my destination it goes in a straight line
  5. Hey Dooley,

    check your private messages.


  6. Well, that's very interesting indeed. I just mapped out my old favourite weekend course in Cottbus, Germany (from Neu-Schmellwitz out towards Dissenchen) and what I thought was about 10 clicks turned out to be 14.5. No wonder I always felt a bit knackered afterwards.

    Is there any way to smooth out the course a little? I found I had to do a lot of 50peeing around the bends in the road.

  7. Hey Bugsy,

    I done a very small route round a curve and i think i have managed to do it without 50peeing (see pic below) you just have to make each click you do quite close to the last one.

    Hope this helps


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  8. Holly, is that you in your avatar?
  9. You can go here, enter your post code and find other peoples routes in your area.
  10. Yes you can also do this on the runningahead site. :)
  11. Typical - I now discover that one of my training routes was only 3.89 miles long not four but another was nearly fifteen, not twelve! I now see why my stamina was triffic but my speed never really got better. Doh!
  12. Has anybody used these to measure any so called "long" BFTs?
  13. just measured the route at Hohne, and it was pretty much bang on
  14. Hey Little monkey,

    I popped onto the site and did a quick search an there are many routes by other people, but i only search for a 20 mile run in london area, tones of routes made up.
  15. happy days my 7 miler is more like 7.63 ish, brightened up my day anyway!