Try again now or wait another year?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by soldierZ, Jun 26, 2009.

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  1. Howiyas,
    Right after failing MB first time around due to my crap leadership/command task skills (boohoo) I've been offered another chance to redeem myself next month. Thing is I don't feel as prepared as last time, and don't want to waste my last chance for it. Now I'm 27 at the end of the year and I'm thinking of postponing MB, heading off to Oz for a year of pillaging/anarchy/command task skill building, coming back when I'm 28 and giving MB one more blast.

    Anyone tried it at an older possibly wiser age before and entered sandhurst that age?

  2. Suggest you plan your next attempt to your own timetable rather than Westbury's. Ask yourself, What specific objectives will a year as a jackaroo meet, and is meeting those objectives everything that you require. Movement is not always the same as progress.

    Watch your PMs

    Old Rat
  3. After you failed MB, how specific was the feedback?
    Do you know exactly where you went wrong?
  4. I failed my MB last November and being 26 in February, I have a bit more time to play with (not a lot more) and personally I have taken the advice to joining the TA for some army centric experience. This could be due to my failings (poor plan ex and issues that resulted from that and similiar leadship issues) that it was suggested to me.
  5. So exactly what would you be doing in Oz to remedy the failing? Just jackarooing about might be fun and build up confidence and initiative, but might not remedy what you need. TA is a good option, do the Aussies have the same?
  6. In my opinion, you need to get your head into your report and see where your failings are. I would suspect that if they were enough to remove you from the running and if you have done nothing to remedy them, then you are wasting your time and that of the board.

    I am undecided on the age issue. With the shift from ATOS to LTOS, it means that you could be looking at promotion to Major (should that be your desire at the age of 37-38 (assuming you are a graduate). You would be competing against much younger individuals that may be seen as a more worthwhile investment.

    Consider the Officers Career profile, with up to 8 years for a SSC, you would go to the IRC board with little to offer in terms of longevity. To quantify this, IRC takes you up to your 16 year point. In your example that would be around the 44-45 year old mark. Unless there is a radical shift in the way the Army views the tail end of these appointments, I dare say that a 44-45 year old Major looking the promote to Lt Col would be up against 39-42 year old Majors. Ageist perhaps, but there you have it.

    Then again, I joined when 26 years old was seen to be the top end for someone to be applying to the teeth arms.
  7. Well it was all down to my Command tasks and Leadership tasks and also I assume my performance in the opening and closing races. I just bottled it on them,lost confidence and didnt project myself enough. Other than that I done fine on everything else.
    Reasons for going to Oz are that I meant to do it after MB before Sandhurst. Just go for 6months or so, but now I just feel like doing it now, coming back and getting my arrse in gear for MB. I've seem to have lost the motivation I had when doing it first time around. I just got lazy.
    No TA option for me I'm afraid, I'm Irish so our version of TA have actually stopped recuiting due to the recession - that includes regular army aswell.

    Age wise I'm not thinking Major/Col and whatnot at this moment, I can test that hurdle if I ever get there.

    It's just has anyone any tips to get my arrse in gear? I couldn't believe how motivated I was from the briefing, fam visits and upto MB. After that I think I just put it to the back of my mind and now it's creeped up on me!

    thanks for the replies guys
  8. I would suggest that this a question that you need to answer yourself. A website forum isn't really the place to start. Just a thought....
  9. soldierZ,

    You asked for advice and then tips for getting your arrse in gear. To be honest it seems that you are pretty motivated at the moment and it would make sense for you to read through the report in detail to see exactly why you failed and then focus on improving in those areas and anything else that you personally felt you were not strong in. If you have been given a chance to re-do it next month then I would seize the chance whilst you are focused and use the time between now and then to beast yourself in the areas where you now know you were weak. Lots of reading daily papers, the Economist, Time etc and listening to Radio 4 from about 0700 to 0830 - which is when the main stories are run and key interviews undertaken. Like some other posters I can't see that you heading off to oz for a period would in any way make you more 'employable' to the Army. If I were one of the AOSB VPs then it wouldn't really impress me that you had prepared for a re-show by going on a 6 month pis* up in Oz, whereas I might think that you coming back as soon as possible was a greater sign of commitment. Anyway, good luck.

  10. If you don't mind me asking, were you 26 when you joined your regiment, or when you entered sandhurst?
  11. Just to clarify, as you are not the only one who has asked this; I actually joined at 21. The point I was making was that during that time (9 to 10 years ago) 26 was seen as really the top end for some one to be joining their unit if it was part of the teeth and then having experienced the Officer Recruiting whirl on the other side of the fence a few years later and there were similar concerns at the more senior gentleman joining those particular types of unit.
  12. Many thanks for your clarification. Sorry to side line the thread.
  13. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Indeed. Not a dig at you Joker but it would be interesting for someone to take a test case on that to an Employment Tribunal. Asking questions about age at a civvy interview would land you in a world of legal pain. Perhaps promotion boards ought to become age blind in the wonderful world of LTOS? Older doesn't necessarily mean more decrepit (although it does in my case).
  14. Not taken as one cpunk. I happen to agree with you, I would like to see it challenged as I feel it is unfair. I know excellent, capable Officers who joined late on in their 20's (by choice or from the ranks) who are very much unsure whether they will be in the bracket for a Sub-unit command slot. Oddly I answered a PM on this topic by stating that it is discrimination. But then again, take away this unregistered barrier and then the next one to go is the upper age limit for entry to RMAS and so on.

    To be fair I would like to see it challenged alongside the discrimination against non-graduates in the sense that accepting a graduate has shown their worth my attending University, yet they still attend the same training and do the same jobs as the non-graduate officer. You would not have a civilian firm paying one individual less because of their education - well I would hope not anyway.