Try A Smaller Gun (vid)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by archy, Apr 16, 2005.

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  1. Its older than Liz Taylors piss flaps.

    It is out on the internet titled :

    'Why Arabs Throw Stones'
  2. Beware!! clicked on your link and it threw me out of internet
  3. Link seemed ok this end.

    As MiC said, its an old clip (funny none the less). To save pikeies with non broadband waiting 5 hours to see it, its the one with the arab looking chap in a sort of test room with a glass door and a feck off big rifle in his shoulder, when he fires it, it lobs him almost through the door. :wink:
  4. A little like Flash when his feeble frame tried to let one loose from an L1A1

    Thats why he rapidly became OCs typewriter carrier for the Auxillery Balloon Corps
  5. As opposed to your old job in the mob, mdn. I believe you were 3 Para Mortars fluffer boy.
  6. I was paid handsomly and never went hungry

    You failed after six attempts......... not because you were a crap nosh, but because you wanted to kiss and cuddle afterwards and looked just a little too camp :D
  7. Talking of camp, mdn. You are more camp than Colchester Garrison! Dale Winton looks like a member of 'Pagoda' Troop next to you.