Try A Smaller Gun (vid)

Link seemed ok this end.

As MiC said, its an old clip (funny none the less). To save pikeies with non broadband waiting 5 hours to see it, its the one with the arab looking chap in a sort of test room with a glass door and a feck off big rifle in his shoulder, when he fires it, it lobs him almost through the door. :wink:
A little like Flash when his feeble frame tried to let one loose from an L1A1

Thats why he rapidly became OCs typewriter carrier for the Auxillery Balloon Corps
I was paid handsomly and never went hungry

You failed after six attempts......... not because you were a crap nosh, but because you wanted to kiss and cuddle afterwards and looked just a little too camp :D
Talking of camp, mdn. You are more camp than Colchester Garrison! Dale Winton looks like a member of 'Pagoda' Troop next to you.

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