TRX suspension systems

I new TRX rung a bell,

Seen a page on it on

Heres the Link

No personal experience with the TRX though
I saw a Booty using something similar, basically some gymnastic rings. Guess he saw this (Just saw comment about showing 42) liked the idea but not the price.

Anyway his looked very much like these.
Just found another page on them here
And another here
Cheers guys, im still not convinced though! Ive actually got a set of rings from Elite and to be honest they are awesome, however if the TRX is as good as its marketed then it may be worth having one to stick in my daysack for times when the nearest gym is a long way away and I need something other than press ups to keep me interested.
I saw this and thought it was interesting, but just looked like a bit of webbing strap with handles. Like most people on here, I am often away from home/gym (running is available in most areas by simply going outside but resitance equipment is harder to come by), so I liked the idea but not the price. Anyway to cut a long story short I bought some of these:

And some 32mm poly pipe for the handles (less than £2 for 2m from B&Q), and also acts as something to loop the tie downs through if using a door to stop the straps pulling through (if that makes sense), all for less than a tenner.

I am not totally happy with the handles, as I am not sure how robust the pipe is, so will continue to keep my eyes peeled for an alternative. Other than that it is a very small and light set-up you can take anywhere with my running shoes and mp3 player. No issues at airports either.

You can however buy the real deal if you want, and need the books etc!!!

To resurrect an old thread: no one answered who had ever used the TRX, so I'll go ahead. I recently got the TRX military kit and it's worth the price. I also own a set of rings, but even these are quite hard to set up in the field. The TRX can be used anytime except on foot patrol (and who likes to break up a tab in the Nooristani mountains by doing a separate workout?).

I did wonder whether I'd feel ripped off for paying $200 for something that I know has very cheap components, but sometimes you do pay for the know-how of putting cheap components together well (E_C's problem?). I'm happy I bought the TRX thingy.

I was introduced to the TRX by a US Army cav major when we were both staying in the transient tents outside the KAIA military terminal. He attached the thing to a nearby lamp post and, voila, he was getting a full workout in. It looked awkward to transition from exercise to exercise - particularly from having your hands in the straps to having your feet in the straps - but you get used to it pretty quickly. The major had grown to love the TRX as a cav squadron commander in Logar Province and his enthusiasm for the device was quite infectious.

For once, the DVD that comes with the TRX is actually useful. It substitutes for having a trainer showing you how to do things, and it's a lot faster than looking up every position in a manual (one of the problems of Crossfit, where newbies have to look up separate videos of each exercise component). After the initial intro, I had no trouble figuring out my own workouts.
Quick answer:
I've just gone on to the TRX system myself over the last couple of weeks. I like the system - the exercises are tough and the conditioning you get out of it is very good. Furthermore, it's a lot harder to cause a major injury to your body because you're basically just working against your own body weight. Like any new system, it takes a few times to get the feel of the exercises. The moves are harder because: (1) Your muscles have to fight to maintain stability while also doing the exercise, (2) Each exercise typically brings into play many muscle groups, in addition to the primary one that's being trained. There's especially a lot of strengthening that goes on with the core of your body.

Take a look at their TRX workout that combines both strength training (with the straps) and jump rope. The combined system gets your heartbeat up to a very good level - and it stays there. One thing that's probably the best about TRX is that you can get a very good workout in a short period of time. Even if you've only got 30 mins - that's enough to get some good strength and cardio training from the system.

I'm not sure that anyone really needs to buy the equipment that they sell (i.e. the straps). You could improvise exactly the same thing by going down to any mountaineering store, and getting yourself some etriers and a daisy chain. These are sewn webbing products that could be linked together by carabiners and would achieve the same final result. One nice thing about TRX is that the gear is simple (just some webbing) - which means you can take it anywhere around the world. It's lightweight and fits in a bag easily. If you do go ahead and buy their "straps" - they're pretty well made.

Good luck!
To resurrect this thread again- I have used one while in a PB where there was no other equipment (except a pull-up bar to which the device was attached). I thought it was a great idea and the exercises can be made easier/ harder depending on the angle that you are when using it. A PB or FOB is where this sort of thing comes into its' own.
I decided to get one for myself, wnet for the 'force' and got one for £80 or so on

It's quite interesting how I was going to start a similar thread to this. Small world heh?:)

I also used to use the website for over 2 years but I stopped last year. That's also where I first saw the TRX.

To the point, I own a TRX Forces kit.
It's awesome, well it does take a few days for you to learn it's full function e.g. Stabilising during workout etc.
The MiloKit, newly marketed as the "FitKit", is better IMHO. I took one on Herrick with me, and it was awesome, its got two individual loops rather than the one of the TRX.....

Anyway, heres the site,

FitKitPro | Suspended Bodyweight Training

Looks like they're having a revamp at the moment, but worth a wait.
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