TRX Forces Suspension Trainer

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Knightwars4, Dec 5, 2011.

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  1. Here's a link to the actual product:

    TRX Training UK - TRX FORCE Kit

    I'm looking to sell my own TRX because since I bought it, I've never done anything with but leaving it sitting in storage. I've taken it out of it's packaging and all. Though it is in just new condition. Absolutely, sparkling mint condition. So I've decided I wanted to sell it...

    The price starts at £100 minimum as it is worth £200+. If you want to buy it out immediately £150 and I'll pay for the p&p and no questions asked.

    Certa Ceito

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  2. You can order offline from America brand new for way less that that!...that's what I did, cost me £90!
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  3. Nooo!!!
  4. Only difference is, I bought mine when it was just the 'Forces Trainer'... Minus the DVD!
  5. That lessened pain a few notches. Let's not tell the whole world about your original post shall we?
  6. His original post!? You're the one asking a silly price!

    Serious answer; a set of gymnastics rings do exactly the same thing for much less.
  7. Yep you did and you also mentioned it was worth over £200 and I found it for under £150 new in a matter of seconds and from their own website.
  8. This reviewer is from Australia, and TRX is grossly overpriced. I made my own equivalent for $40.

    1x snap-link,
    2x lengths of garden hose,
    2x Prusik knots,
    3x lengths of paracord.
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  9. Where did you get Australia from? I clicked reviews looked at the top of the page left hand side.
  10. The first link I attached gave me the £200+ figure.
  11. I was born here, a quite inexorable fact of life.