Truth or yet another myth re Gurkhas?

Discussion in 'Gurkhas' started by Flagrantviolator, Jun 17, 2008.

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  1. While on my recruit course in 1990, we were told that it was imperative to lace our boots properly as in WW2, gurkhas would crawl into trenches, unawares of whether it's occupants were friend or foe. if the laces were not of the standard lacing, they would slit one of the sleeping occupants' throats and then silently do one, leaving the other occupants living, to awake in horror, thinking "coulda been me" Anyone know if there's any truth to this?
  2. pro word no wah

    b0llocks, sniffed the armpits to check for the aroma of compo/curried chicken and also looked for tracing paper rash and 3 day AB Biscuit turtles.

    This hidden truth has been edited out of FI histories under an edict from mary whitehouse about "common decency in victory"
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  3. Had a close encounter once whilst in the jungle...due to my negligence I forgot I was wearing my elasticated sided dap's...nearly cost me dear that did :wink:
  4. OH CHRIST..
    training n.c.o,s
    are always good at telling storys so as to get the reason across..
  5. Oddly my grandfatyher told me that when he was fighting at Monte Cassino they were ordered to lace their boots in a criss cross rather than straight over as the Ghurkas would feel the instep of the boot to see if it was friend or foe. They changed their laces so the Ghurkas could tell the difference between a Tommy and a German Paratrooper. Perhaps there is an element of truth in this, if only from an over enthusiastic WW2 CO...
  6. I believe this "rumour" goes back to fighting the Japs in the jungle. Old Johnny Gurkha could feel the difference between a pair of Jap jungle boots and ours, particularly the very different style of lacing. I suspect there is a large element of truth in it, as it does seem reasonable. Also smells do tend to linger in the jungle, due to a lack of air movement through the undergrowth.

    Since that time this "rumour" appears to have taken on a life of its own.
  7. Cloak set to on.

    I caused an international incident way back in the distant days of lace up inserts in Belize. Those of you who know will know, those of you who don't know won't know. It was the sound of the encoded morse message being sent, asking for guidance when ''johnny no wear laces'' that gave the little bugger away.

    So just don't ask..... cos I'll have to feed you through the cross cut shredder.

    Different laces my arrse.

    Wah cloak set to off.
  8. We were told that Johnny would feel the puttees area. If they found short puttees a la sahib or anklets, they moved on. All the way up the leg sir? Short neck and no sides?

    Probably apocryphal rather than an out and out lie/wah...
  9. You said that much better than I did Cuddles
  10. Do any Gurkhas actually read this forum? It would be really helpful if they would answer now and again :lol:
  11. Quite a few ex-Gurkhas where I work. I shall ask one of them.
  12. We were told when I joined, just after Dettingen or was it Blenheim - I forget, that there was a very sound reason for the lacing. Basically when you lace your boots up in the preferred British Army style-y, it is a single quick cut through to remove the boot from a casualty. It also looks much smarter. Which is probably the real reason!
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  13. I thought the Nips wore rather fetching two toe 'sneakers' rather than jungle boots................
  14. Actually its a True Story about the Stealth of the Gurkha and their Khuku knives maybe if You actually had taken the time to talk to WW2 Veterans They May Have Shared Their Experiences with You and You Wouldn't be Down Playing What These Incredible Brave Men Did with just a Knife .. I'm NZ the Stories of these Incredibly Brave Soldiers are Legendary .. They took out machine gun posts that No One Else Could , Crawled though mud so deep it covered them .. WE the Countries of the Commonwealth Owe a Debt of Gratitude to the Ghurkha ..Do Ever Forget It Gentlemen .
    I found this waffle via Google and I'm disgusted that you Dare to speak if this as if it is just a fairy tale .. You think it's a Joke X YOUR LACES NEXT TIME THERE'S A WAR AND SEE HOW LONG YOU KEEP YOUR HEAD... Have RESPECT for Tradition they are Taught for VERY GOOD REASON ..
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