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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by, May 12, 2003.

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  1., Compassion.
    .. Punctuality, Integrity and a Sense of Humour..

    Urgent appeal

    The Gits:  ( Chief Git, we are not worthy to even stand in your footsteps,
    especially with that Gerber lock blade I've got handy)

    But now is your hour, peace has broken out in Iraq and Afghanistan and many poor helpless members of you Corps have been starved for too long of a good laugh.  Surely in your Corp's true hour of need there is some semblance of Private MI that can rise once again rise through these portals?

    Knowing the bravery and modesty of the Gits, it is likley that they may not immediately be prepared to reveal themselves, If you do  know their whereabouts
    and are in a position to communicate with their secret hideout either by  
    [​IMG]  or [​IMG]

    please can I implore you to seek their urgent assistance!!

    This is an emergency!!
  2. its would seem that the cheif git is not dead but alive and printing in Germany, as i am holding in my hand a copy of the foresaid publication dated the April 03.

    Thruth said, it is lacking any thing of real meat, but the majority of our beloved corps is in Iraq or on leave after returning. So Material is proberly hard to come by at the monent.

    I take it you have something you wish to report to the chief git?
  3. Unfortunately the mighty organ is still not reaching all parts.  

    Elsewhere, the men in black would seen to be active again:  ( I thought we had left them and their goatee beards in the sanctions compliance unit in Sarajevo)

    see this story, which is reproduced below:,12239,944412,00.html
    Who could these these mysterious men be?
    The truth is out there, but only Private MI can find it, although I suspect some other readers may be able to help???

    FINCO  I appreciate that the current security climate raises huge OPSEC issues for the gits, especially "Everton Mint".
    If you are in a position to act as the cut out please PM me.
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  4. Sorry can not help on that front, but I am traveling around various locations over the next week and I will keep my ear to the floor.
    A sneak preview from inside the hothouse environment of the DEC's Northumberland Ave loft.  Sand fly can now exclusively reveal the beta version of DEC's solution to the deployable IT needs for FHTs and Field Security:

    NB Not shown in this shot is the optional solar panel and the 5kg deployable kilgety dongle

  6. Wow, looks like the usual tosser on a Friday evening in the green fly.
  7. Does he mean me?
    Some of you will recognise me when I say that I was the guy who introduced the phrase "Truth, Accuracy, Professionalism, Integrity, etc" to the PMI banner when I took over production of that grubby organ in 2001.
    It was the small team who were writing it back then who also coined the phrases "Chief Git", "Total Gits" and "Field Gits".
    You'll definitely guess who I am when I add that in Iraq I was known as "(surname) The Slightly Nasty", and I am from Liverpool.
    Is PMI still in production then?
    God we had a laff writing that, I actually used to cry sometimes, I was laughing so hard, and I always got into loads of trouble after every issue. Perhaps that's why I'm still a WO2?
    If the current Chief Git would like to contact me, I would be delighted to contribute occasionally as a Field Git, but I'm a bit too busy for anything more than that.
  8. Well he did 2 years ago, better late than never I suppose??

    Since then I have:

    - finally restored the deleted MBR from the FAT 16 Drive,
    - done CompuSy 1 + 2,
    - the long PI course
    - my IT Security MSc,
    - The 3 week Y branch Arabic cse to SLP 3232
    - went to Belize on resettlement; to dispose of some significant property holdings, a pirog and G1098 outboard motor.
    - left the Army,
    - opened a bar in Thailand with a "close friend " in the SAS,
    - returned to UK
    - Spent 6 months working for Blackwater in a PSD and, after a spell in interior design and property development in Qatar,
    - am now a CLAS consultant working in the Doughnut.
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  9. I really miss Private MI........any room for a digital git??
  10. I seem to remember it heading off on a one track line after your good self handed over the reigns.. 'Private 73' was the new nickname for it.. Then I rarely saw an issue for about a year and since the last one (probably early -mid 2004) I saw there has been nothing.
  11. Seconded
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  12. Funnily enough, I was tidying up the spare room a couple of weeks ago, and found most of the PMIs produced during 02/03 on CD ROM. I printed them all off, and they are now in the magazine rack in the downstairs bog (ex officers quarters - you know it makes sense). Maybe I should have removed them before my mother came to stay though.

    I have also just received an e-mail from one of the other Gits from the 02/03 period, who will shortly be posted to Chickers. Some of you may know who it is when I say he was the really old (hahaha) university educated Cpl in the JHQ Sy Office with the incredibly large porn collection. The collection was so comprehensive, it was almost as big as the library that "Pinkie the Geek" operated in the JR's block.

    If anyone does feel like starting it up again, give me a shout as I would definitely be willing to make the occasional contribution (and also give useful hints to the new Chief Git on how to comport him/herself when summoned in front of senior officers to explain themselves). I don't think it would be suitable for anything else but hard copy or intranet distribution, though, and you certainly couldn't do it here for opsec reasons.
  13. Depends.. are you talking about the old porn collection or Private MI ? ;)
  14. Was a great publication, but shouldnt any rebirth expand the reporting area to the UK as well? Maybe UK and NI representative Gits are required.
  15. Totally agree, but if they're still producing PMI in Germany (anyone know?), you'd have to come up with a new name for it.
    What about the "Brown nose and Grovel"? Now THAT was a funny publication.