Truth and Reconciliation in NI?

Having seen how this was proposed, carried out and completed in South Africa (a process I naturally took a great deal of interest in) - and saw how it exposed muh of what had never been publicly acknowledged before, how it gave a public voice and recognition of wrongs done on both sides, how it gave many people answers, recognition of their suffering and an opportunity for families to begin the end of their grieving process......

if all agreed to take part, would this be a valid way of marking the end of the old ways and a new beginning for NI?
It probablly would be a good way to start the road to peace. The only problem is that the IRA would use it as an excuse to avert blame from their shoulders onto the imperialistic British govt.

And looking at the lastest developments, it may be a long way off yet :roll:


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And who's version of the 'Truth' would that be, then?

From today's report by the Independant Monitoring Commission in NI on the Northern Bank robbery:

"Although we note Sinn Fein has said it is opposed to criminality of any kind, it appears at times to have its own definition of what constitutes a crime."

Says it all. If the 'boyos' do it, it's for Erin, and ergo cannot be a crime. Therefore nothing to be sorry about :evil:

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