Truth about failed CDT

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by annie1969, Oct 27, 2012.

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  1. Friday 7th september: Pick up son, thinks it's last time he'll be home before Afghan so were collecting all his stuff.

    Saturday 15th September: Sons of to football and then meeting some boys from barracks who are in area. I get a phone call later that day saying they cant go for a drink in city as son has football top on, can they all come down to ours for dinner and can the 4 other boys stay the night.

    Sunday 16th September: 4 am in they all come. Son looks awful, i go to bed thinking he's such a light weight. Husband and myself offer to drive them all back to barracks. Get refused as the other boys don't need to be back till Wednesday. Off they all go in the afternoon.

    Monday 17th September: 2pm i get a phone call from the Captain looking for my son, i tell him he's on the barracks. He asks if i saw the other boys as he knew they were heading in this direction and possibly meeting up. Told him yes but had no idea where they were as they still had a few days leave.

    Tuesday 18th Sept: I get phone call from son telling me he'll be home in a couple of weeks, he has or he will( cant remember which) fail CDT.

    Friday 26th October. He's home and ready to talk at last.

    Doesn't take a genius to work out he took the drugs on the Saturday night when on leave. The other boys didn't get caught because they didn't go back to the barracks till wednesday. The reason, " Mum i was going to Afghan, hadn't done it before and was curious, i just wanted to try them in case i didn't come back. Like you all will be i'm skeptical but hopeful this is the truth.
  2. That leaves you with very short acting drugs then so your son is likely using heroin or cocaine and is also probably fibbing.
  3. Yep. I did a bit of googling. Theres no needle marks (unless they're on the bits i don't want to see) so that makes me think it was coke and it was snorted. Dont know if theres any other way you can put heroin in to your body! At least if it had gone in with needles i'd know if it was more than once. Just got to take him at his word and keep a very watchful eye, dont know what more i can do
  4. He could have "chased the dragon" with heroin
  5. What does that mean?
  6. He's not likely to be an injector if he's just on the bottom rung of the ladder. Could have used heroin off the foil. (Chasing the dragon). Could be smoking crack or snorting cocaine.
  7. I think it means heating some of the heroin powder over a flame and inhaling the fumes.
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  8. Inhaled it off foil.
  9. Annie, I actually feel sorry for you.

    What a waste!

    The upside (for you) is that you will not have to worry about him arriving via a C17 in a wooden box. That said, the drugs might eventually do that for him anyway.

    The downside (for him) is when he is of age, having spent his life doing some really interesting job (yawn) he will always ask himself, what if?
  10. If that were the case (im not saying it's not) would he not be showing some signs of withdrawal? He did'nt want to look like a mummys boy and get picked up. He got home at 1, walked the dogs with me, then we went a run ( think he was trying to kill me) and then we watched his little sister horse jumping, got home at 10 tonight sat and talked and he went to bed about 1. I'm not defending him, i just really dont know what im looking for. You help is appreciated
  11. Might have only used once, could be to avoid going to Afghanistan, he knows, we don't. If money and possessions start disappearing you'll know for sure
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  12. Out of curiosity when did he find out he'd failed? It takes longer than 24 hours for the results for a CDT to come back.
  14. You have my sympathy Annie. I am just in the middle of divorcing someone who was vibrant, good fun and a real partner for life, or so I thought. Then she started taking Marijuana on top of her prescription drugs for MS and turned into a foul mouthed, violent and abusive liar who doesn't wash for weeks on end. I hope you can get him back on track for a real life again.
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  15. Annie, I'm ex plod so pay attention to Jarrod's piece of advice because it really is a 'combat indicator'. Once stuff starts going missing (DVD, Playstation and X Box games normally go first (no, I don't know why) then bits of jewellery) then it's all starting to go horribly wrong. If it ever gets to the stage when money is missing out of your purse then that's pure desperation.