Trust me! Im the Prime Minister.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by SKJOLD, Sep 15, 2004.

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  1. Never have.
  2. Or never will.
  3. I would rather trust Oskar.

    or me.
  4. A lot of the modern received wisdom on "climate change" is a load of tosh: in the mid 60s we were worried about "global cooling". The climate changes on various timescales: day-night, 11yr sunspot cycle, earth's orbit precession, and several others. Sometimes these add up together to produce high average temps, sometimes low average temps. This gives rise to the ice age cycle, for instance. is very informative on this.

    Recently, we had "hottest summer on record", therefore Global Warming. This year, we had a "cooler year", therefore the blame has been placed on - you guessed it - global warming. Climates change, get over it. Humans contribute about 3% of global CO2 emmisions each year, and CO2 is not a terribly effective greenhouse gas (methane from natural marshes is far more effective). Also, it is the very greenhouse effect that means that the overall temperature variations on the planet are not too pronounced from day to night, by keeping heat in. It is a symptom of the "instant information", "must have a soundbyte" society that we live in that people try to interpret long term trends on a single data point (we have climate information going back an extremely long way, and the longest cycle we know of is about 10-20,000 yrs, so what good is looking at 1 data point?)

    Something else to consider (from numberwatch):

    Greenland is called Greenland because when the Scandawegians settled it, it was lush and firtile. Along came the "little ice age" in the 17th/18th centuries, which froze it up.
  5. Heres another thought:

    Geological surveys around the world have unearthed many fossilised beaches, most of which are signifcantly higher than the high tide water mark we have today. The point being "learn to swim". and sell your house on the coast.
  6. Or invest now in the firm which makes neoprene. Trade in your catsuit for a wetsuit. Happiness is webbed feet. Shaky Boat Sailors should be OK then.
  7. "im alright Jack" i live in the peak district :D

    Screw you all!!!! :D

  8. Wait for the ice-age. There's no escape. Coming soon to a glacier near you. :D
  9. Yes I trust the Prime Minister.

    From the time he became MP for Sedgefield I have thought that he is Snake Oil salesman of the very worst sort. A many faced opportunist who thinks that honour is the first name of an actress, and who would sell his soul (and everyone elses come to that) for a sliver of political advantage.

    He has never once betrayed the trust I have put in him.
  10. Too true, Mushers. He's certainly sold us down the river.
  11. In order to lay something on the line don't you have to have some in the first place? :twisted:
  12. The man is so full of sh1t that his eyes are brown - apart from that, and the fact that he's an absolute tw@ and would sell this country to the frogs and boxheads in order to satisfy his ambition to be "President of Europe", he's really a straight kinda guy. Isn't he? :evil:
  13. Dale, vote for me, you know it makes sense ... Michael (We peepil have to stick together) ...........
  14. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    Does this climate problem threaten the UK within 45 minutes? In which case I absolutely trust the Prime Minister's warning... not. 8)